How to Win & Keep Clients - Book by the IAPC&M

“Success in life requires that we develop skills and acquire wisdom – both of which are contained in quantity in this book. The added benefit of having several contributing authors is that it provides you the reader variety, unique perspectives and strategies that you can implement immediately.” – Dr. Ken Keis, CEO & President of Consulting Resource Group International Inc.


“It’s not often that a business book covers so many aspects of being successful. Now you have in your hands a complete guidebook of practical and instantly useable ideas to assist you in navigating the challenging solopreneur journey. What a perfect gift for anyone running (or considering running) their own business.” – Peter Thomson “The UK’s Most Prolific Information Product Creator”.

“A fantastic set of tools and lessons for building a successful coaching business, from people that have actually done it.” – Alex Braganza, Founder & CEO, Expertise.TV.

Meet the Authors of How to Win & Keep Clients

Adel McCormack

Accredited Senior Coach

Ali Temple

Awaiting Accredition (APC)

Ruby McGuire

Accredited Senior Coach

Monique Daigneault

Accredited Senior Coach

Maria Hocking

Accredited Fellow Coach

Lorna Phillips

Accredited Master Coach

Anna Stapleton

Accredited Master Coach