Member Benefits

Accreditation Gives You a Massive ROI (Return on Investment)

IAPC&M accreditation gives our global members a huge Return on Investment. In 2022 we calculated that the value of member benefits was worth approximately £15,000. See the ROI information below for full details.

These are some top benefits you can expect from your accreditation:

  1. Belonging and being protected/affiliated to a recognised international accreditation body
  2. Professional recognition as a direct result of promoting your professional accreditation status, which brings business opportunities and opens doors
  3. Access to discounted training and ongoing complimentary CPD credits
  4. Personal and professional support with our experts
IAPCM Mentor Certificate

What a wonderful network of professionals. I highly recommend the IAPC&M for coaches and mentors who wish to be associated with professionalism, competence and integrity.

Lorna Phillips, AMC

Accredited Coach Practitioner, Coaching for Conscious Leadership

Secure Members Area – Your Benefits

ROI - IAPC&M benefit statement for coaches

There is a secure member’s area which has a range excellent benefits. There are far too many to list but some of the highlights are:

Directory Profile

As a member you will get a directory profile which you can set up and manage.  It’s a great way to generate leads.


Under our resources section there is an array of business building help for you. Lots of articles, courses, webinars, as well as a range of coaching templates, checklists,  and marketing articles to get you and your business off to a grow.


An extensive online business building programme will help you take your business to the next level. You will have access to webinars and roundtable discussions etc. Great ways to keep learning and fill your CPD Log.