Meet Your Support Team

Meet the passionate and dedicated individuals behind the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M). 

David Monro-Jones

Operations Director

Since my initial role in 2007 as Head of International Operations with IAPC&M (ECI Accreditation), I’ve evolved into Operations Director, overseeing accreditation, legal, finance, IT, CPD, and professional standards. My responsibilities involve standards and assessments for individuals, training providers, and corporates. I maintain accreditation as a fellow coach, master mentor, and supervisor, with expertise in Stakeholder Centered Coaching, team coaching, process communication, and cultural values assessments. My direct and challenging approach stems from a belief in addressing root causes for improvement.

As a continuous learner, I dedicate time to professional development and enjoy reading leadership, psychology, and coaching-related books. Beyond work, I enjoy walks with my wife Yvonne and our dogs, gardening, and refining my wildlife and landscape photography skills. An avid movie fan, I have a soft spot for Godzilla in monster movies.

For our members, I strive to share my knowledge and skills, offering support during accreditation or through supervision. Accessibility is a priority, and I encourage everyone to reach out. Explore more about me on my LinkedIn profile.

‘Naturally perceptive with a warm personality, David creates a comfortable atmosphere. His thought-provoking coaching style raises awareness, allowing for a deeper exploration, enabling individuals to work through weaknesses and achieve their goals together.’

Dawn Campbell

Business Director

A fellow of the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M), Dawn has been supporting coaches to be the best they can be for nearly two decades. Her accredited course 90-Pages in 90-days is designed to help coaches shine a light on their message so they too can stand out in a noisy digital space, making it easier for clients to identify them as an expert in their field.

As well as being the business director at the IAPC&M (previously she was head of mentoring at NMC), she has her own personal practice as a holistic health & fitness coach & mentor. She helps clients ‘add years to their life by adding life to their years’ so they too can ‘live the life they love and love the life they live – even longer’!

As a Living Foods Practitioner, Natural Hygienist, Permaculturist, Nordic Walking Instructor, Author, Coach & Mentor, her clients benefit from a range of modalities.  

What Clients say:
“BBC radio interviews, writing for national and local newspapers, presenting at Business Link events, conducting in-house company training, and facilitating workshops with 1-1 follow up sessions mean that hundreds of clients have benefited from Dawns practical, results orientated coaching style”. Erica, Business Link UK

Nikki Wild

Head of Education

Since 2015, I’ve been happily volunteering with IAPC&M, and now, I’ve taken on the role of Head of Education. Being a qualified accountant, accreditation and professional CPD have always been a natural part of my world. I’m thrilled to contribute to building trust in the coaching profession through accreditation.
As Head of Education, my focus is on supporting the learning and development of our accredited coaches and mentors. This involves reaching out to expert speakers for interviews, creating content on business skills-related training, and sharing industry best practices—all housed in our education resource area.
In response to the Education Survey 2017, I’ve crafted a 12-month schedule covering directly relevant learning and development subjects. Volunteering with IAPC&M aligns with my lifelong commitment to serving others and my passion for fostering trust and professionalism in coaching and mentoring services.
Mentoring a local group of coaches provides valuable insights into their everyday challenges and questions, ensuring our educational content stays relevant and current. Once you’ve identified your CPD requirements, our education department is here to boost your personal and professional development, helping you grow your business skills.
Here’s how you can help us help you:
1. If there’s a specific topic you’d like assistance with, let me know. I might incorporate it into the program or direct you to available resources.
2. If you have business expertise and want to contribute to a session, reach out with your details and background information.
3. If you come across an inspirational speaker who could enrich our education resource center, introduce them and share why you recommend them as a contributor.

Jenny Butter

Podcast Host

I enable people to successfully change jobs and careers into a right-fit role, land a new job after redundancy or career break, become unstuck, improve work-life balance, transition into a new geographical location, and make changes to become happier at work and at home.CLIENTS: I love working with people from all walks of life. My clients come from diverse cultural backgrounds as well as numerous industries and professions: FAANG to startups to faith-based charities, senior leaders to junior staff, recent graduates to those approaching retirement.As well as having my own private clients through Epiphany Career & Life Coaching, as a consultant I provide career and outplacement coaching for award-winning consultancy firm City CV, coach career changers into tech for Bootcamp provider CareerFoundry, and deliver international relocation and job search coaching for large corporations on behalf of IMPACT Group. For corporate clients, I have created an online in-depth job preparation course for participant self-use, hosted daily webinars, and arranged talks with industry professionals.EXPERT: I am an Accredited Master Coach with 2400+ coaching hours. Only 1% of coaches in the UK are accredited and of these, only a handful are at master level.

PODCAST HOST: Wanting to help the coaching industry improve, I produce and host a monthly podcast called Both Sides of the Coin on behalf of the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M). Coaches learn best practices from other coaches as well as their clients. It can be found on Spotify, Google Play, Alexa, Audible, and iTunes. Voted as a top mentoring podcast.PREVIOUS CAREERS: Before becoming a coach, I worked as a BBC radio producer and reporter and was a PR professional with the international aid and development agency, World Vision. I have lived in The Seychelles, Sri Lanka, and New York, and currently live in West Sussex in the UK.

Julie Kennedy

Masterclass Host & Author Series Interviewer

Julie Kennedy is a vibrant 50+ passionate about inspiring women to be “Fabulous after Fifty”, to finally “Be Heard” and create a life of health, wealth and freedom whilst having a lot of fun! 

British, brought up in France she has moved 25 times over various continents picking up 5 languages on the way and a wealth of cross-cultural personal skills she adds to her Business degree and various coaching accreditations.

She fulfills her mission to help her clients BE HEARD through personal coaching, through her editing/writing/translating services, through promoting them on her podcast and YouTube channel “Fabulous after Fifty with Julie Kennedy”.

Julie is also on a mission to better hydrate the world by changing the water we drink and inspiring women to dream big, join her in this business and live the life of their dreams.

Julie is also a host, interviewer and moderator for the IAPC&M and enjoys emceeing large worthy events.

Her mission:  Inspiring women to financial independence whilst taking the personal journey of a lifetime.
She loves travel, dancing, people, adventure, the magic of words and nature.

Sue Hedley

Lead Copywriter

Born 40 miles north of London in the UK, I spent most of my life in my hometown—a fact that, while a bit embarrassing, shaped my journey. With over two decades dedicated to global IT projects, I thrived in my career until my early 50s. The challenges of menopause and high-stress work projects led me to the brink of a breakdown, prompting a crucial reevaluation of my life.

Reflecting on that tumultuous period, marked by tears at my desk and a sense of inadequacy, I now see it as a transformative gift that midlife offers women. This turning point inspired me to shift gears and seek a more fulfilling path. Today, residing in the picturesque Snowdonia in North Wales, I’ve reinvented myself as a coach, running my own business.

My mission as a coach centers on aiding women in midlife to discern their desires for the final chapter of their professional lives. My focus is on dismantling the mindset obstacles that trap them in unfulfilling jobs and lives. Debbie, one of my clients, beautifully captured the essence of my coaching approach, noting that she felt safe, cared for, and able to rediscover herself.

In my coaching practice, I create a supportive and caring environment, offering a gentle push forward when needed. While coaching is inherently serious, injecting a bit of humor can effectively break down barriers. I invite you to explore coaching with me by booking a complimentary session through this link—it’s the best way to determine if my coaching aligns with your needs.

Hulya Kurt

Book Club Coordinator

Career stagnation can often leave us feeling trapped and uninspired.

As a career coach and mentor, I am passionate about helping individuals realize their true potential and achieving their career goals. Leveraging my years of experience in climbing the corporate ladder, I aim to empower others and guide them to make strategic, sustainable changes. Count on me as your career partner and together let’s bring out the best version of YOU.

I love to facilitate experiential workshops and we call them “InnKick Experiences”, which includes a combination of diverse, inclusive, and engaging social events and workshops curated to build community and nurture your authentic self.

Bringing people together, sharing, fostering, and allowing everyone to just be. A space where experience, inspiration, culture and spirituality meet, by creating a sense of belonging for personal growth, learning and connection.

From Union Comes strengths – Lets walk together


Bettina Pickering

UK and Ireland Ambassador

I am Bettina Pickering, and I am delighted to meet you here. I am an IAPC&M ambassador who works with training providers to spread the word about the importance of accreditation and the wonderful opportunities the IAPC&M offers to new coaches. 

My own coaching journey started in house in 1999, and from 2010 continued under my own company, first Aronagh (UK), and in 2017 also Aronagh Ireland Ltd. In 2015 after completing an MA in applied Coaching, I took the plunge and became an accredited master coach & master mentor with the IAPC&M. Always striving to learn more and improving what I do, I am currently training as a coach supervisor. 

In my coaching practice, clients come to me for: 

  • Navigating and helping their teams navigate transformation & change as a business leader or consultant
  • Mastering the challenges of running a profitable solo business 
  • Coach supervision

I also work as a management consultant supporting my clients through complex people transformation programmes where I experience what I coach on at the coal face. This enables me to stay current and hone my coaching skills in the moment. 

Whilst I mainly live and work from my home & business in the stunning West of Ireland now, I kept my base & business in the UK giving me extra business flexibility. 

In my leisure time, I love spending time with my rescue cats, supporting my local community in our biodiversity, sustainability, and environmental goals, sea swimming, hiking, willow basket making, surfing, deepening my Qi Gong & Tai Chi practices, just chilling in my garden or on nearby beaches.


Sue Pallot


Sue joined the IAPC&M team as a volunteer in April 2022. She works in silo with the professional standards team, to ensure that the reputation of the coaching industry is upheld. Sue advocates the importance of professional conduct and the codes of standards and ethics and is passionate about enhancing practices, in order for coaches, training providers and mentors to conduct their businesses in a practical and ethical way for themselves and their clients. Sue is passionate about ensuring credibility in the coaching world and is committed to educating all on the merits of qualifications, accreditation and compliance

Sue is a qualified accredited life coach. She successfully runs her own business offering coaching, training and mentoring, working with multinational corporates and individuals, to help them build highly successful, driven individuals and teams, through leadership coaching and personal development programmes

She is also a well-established regulatory consultant where she lives in Jersey in the Channel Islands which is a highly regulated jurisdiction. Sue works with businesses, to ensure that they comply with the offshore regime and that they operate within the codes of practice and strict regulatory framework, so that they meet international standards set by multiple worldwide organisations

Sue says, “ I am hugely fortunate to combine, my two passions, coaching and compliance and truly believe that you can have a life that gives you passion and purpose”

Sue will contribute to articles and blogs, insights and white papers, on governance and compliance within the coaching industry, some helpful insights and lessons learned from her many years in regulation, risk and compliance

Look out for Sue’s upcoming articles!

Laurie Burrows

Head of Marketing

 4 years ago, before I started this business, I was Head of Marketing in a corporate role with 8 years of experience in marketing and sales.

I decided I had what it took to leave the corporate world behind me to start up my own business (even with just £700 in my bank account).

But after just 6 months of launching my business, I nearly gave up because I was so burnt out from endless sales calls & live launching.

Then in 2020, I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant. So, I put an end to my 1:1s & sales calls and turned my expertise into a course. I hit multiple 6 figures that year.

But as well as being a new mum, I recently lost my dad and my nan who were the two closest people to me in the world.

Despite all of the heart break and sleepless nights, I have gone from working in my bedroom hiring my first employee in February 2021 to now having a 7 figure business, 100k cash months, an entire building floor as my office and a huge team of full-time employed members.

Now, my team and I have created The Academy of Coaching, Mentoring and Training to support aspiring, new and established entrepreneurs worldwide to launch, grow and scale wildly profitable businesses.

Beatrice Phillips

Editor, Web Front End

Hailing as a graduate from the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL, I firmly believe in the mantra that your biology dictates your psychology. Practicing what I preach (well, most of the time! 😄), I’ve witnessed the positive impact of my health-conscious lifestyle not only on myself but also on many coaching clients..
Spanning the business landscape since the early ’90s, my journey involves a mix of ventures, including a few stumbles that turned into great lessons. Amidst running my own IT business, writing technical books, and editing a technical magazine, I even delved into the world of Yoga. In 2010, I founded and successfully managed a Bikram Hot Yoga studio for a decade before passing the torch. After having launched four successful businesses, life’s twists led me to don the hat of a business coach..
It’s not just about pixels and postures—I became a member of the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M) in 2018 and joined as a volunteer in 2019. For me, the IAPC&M is more than an organization; it’s a fantastic platform to enhance coaching skills and build lasting friendships.

With over two decades in IT, 15 years in the health industry, and a passion for supporting others in their business ventures, here’s my secret: success isn’t found on a website or platform. It’s rooted in genuine person-to-person connections, regardless of the industry.

Now, I’m basking in the Florida sunshine with my husband Glenn, three cats, and a dog named Sebastian. Life is a blend of coaching, traveling, and perhaps a tad too much cat hair! 🐾✨

John’s website: Better Mental Fitness

John’s app & contact info: John Rice

John Rice

Initiatives Manager

I am happily married to Petra and we have a wonderful daughter Meghan who is 5 years old. I also have a son who is 34 years old, Tom, from my first marriage – just as I planned it!

I have come from the corporate world and burnt out in 2017 and was clinically depressed. My self-discovery journey started then and now I help others through my coaching and mentoring. 

I qualified as and emotional intelligence coach in 2022.


They have built mental resilience to cope well with life and understand their purpose and value in the world. 

What’s different and unique about my coaching is the calmness I bring in to my client’s lives, the positive encouragement I give them to take action. 

I co-create action plans with them so they can keep moving forward and I follow up to hold them accountable. 

It’s very important for me that people keep taking action. Intention and attention put on actions. 

What do they want? 

Freedom from current ingrained beliefs, creation and promotion of a safe mental environment and confidence. 

Helping my clients exceed their dreams in business and at home. 

Simple conversations with integrity lead to amazing insights and that can change everything. If they would like a constructive and meaningful conversation, this will be the start of a new them. Let’s talk.

Chris Hallett

Marketing Strategist

I’m Chris Hallett, and thrilled to be here and to be helping the IAPC&M develop their marketing strategy. How life has changed since my first career as a musician in the army, and then 30 years running large IT projects, building high performing project teams to coaching, training and now marketing strategist.

My coaching journey started back in IT in the 1990’s when I worked with project teams to get them to perform even better. It officially started in 2011 then I became an accredited NLP, Hypnosis and NLP coaching Practitioner after a traumatic experience with a business owner.

In 2020 my wife of 33 yrs died and I threw myself into my then coaching business and took the next step. After being certified as a Master Practitioner and NLP Master Coach in 2012, in 2020/21 I was certified as a Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, NLP Coaching and TIme Line Therapy™️.

I’m always striving to learn more and find different ways to help others in their business. I’m also a Certified Business Growth Coach™ and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing having completed the Level 6 Diploma in Digital Marketing.

All of my clients have been coaches and trainers and I realised that so few have business or marketing skills. That’s where my attention is to help them leverage their skills to create consistent business growth by developing working with them in three core areas:

  • Business Growth
  • Team GRowth
  • Personal Growth

In 2022 I was introduced to Jill, another NLP Trainer and in October 2023 we married and I relocated from my native Wolverhampton to Cheshire.

Outside of business, my passion is music and recently I’ve taken up the acoustic guitar. I’m an avid walker and part-time cyclist. This year I’m returning to my other passion and dinghy sailing.