Course Accreditation

Welcome and Thank You for Considering the IAPC&M as Your Accreditation Body

You are here because you want to know how to get your coaching/mentoring training course accredited.

Accreditation carries the unequivocal message that you are a learning organisation committed to delivering coach & mentor training excellence.

Having your course(s) accredited couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Book a meeting to discuss your individual needs and expectations
  2. Choose and pay for the level of accreditation you want
  3. Complete and return your course application form
  4. You will be invited to a zoom meeting to bring your course to life
  5. The timeline can be as little as two weeks – it is driven by you
  6. On successful completion our PR and Marketing strategy kicks in.

My experience with the IAPC&M has been world-class. The processes will not only strengthen your own skills as a coach but will massively strengthen the quality of your program. I strongly recommend this process. In a world today where online reputation is everything this is. a must for you.

Ed J C Smith

Training Provider, AMC UK

Why Have Your Course Accredited? 

IAPC&M course accreditation brings a range of benefits for both you and your students/delegates:

  • It helps you stand out in a competitive marketplace
  • You will be featured in our international training providers directory
  • It reassures your students/delegates the training course delivers high quality in the coaching & mentoring industry
  • Your students/delegates benefit from a faster track, reduced fee option to their personal accreditation status.

For a full list of membership benefits see our annual Return on Investment Statement (ROI)

To experience the “The most caring, sharing, practical hands-on resource available” apply HERE.

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Course Accreditation Options

Course accreditations have an equivelancy level  that are representative of vocational requirements.

You can choose from five levels of training coach/mentor training course accreditation. The levels are dependent on the depth of information, the number of study hours from start to finish and other criteria.

Training Providers who require a deeper dive into a particular module can apply for an additional level called Accredited Professional Development (APD. )

Resources available for download:

  1. Course Application Form
  2. Supporting Information
  3. Levels, Criteria & Fees

Important information for training providers who include the first years IAPC&M accreditation and membership in their coach/mentor course fees.

Including the first years IAPC&M membership and accreditation fee into your student fee structure, is a huge USP, since it adds around £15,000 worth of value-added benefits to your existing package! Full CPD and business building details here and contact for marketing support.

Becoming an Accredited Training Provider 

Training providers who have more than one IAPC&M accredited course are known as Accredited Training Providers. Please contact us for more details at

Accredited Short Training Course

Equivalent Level 3
Course provides introductory knowledge of the subject, covering fundamental facts, principles, methods and general concepts.
Duration: 7 – 14 hours
Application fee: £790.00+VAT
Annual renewal fee: £195.00+VAT


Accredited Foundation Training Course

Equivalent Level 4
Course provides greater depth of knowledge in the subject, increasing awareness, understanding and application of facts, principles, methodologies and concepts.
Duration: 15 – 99 hours
Application fee: £990.00+VAT
Annual renewal fee: £295.00+VAT


Accredited Intermediate Training Course

Equivalent Level 5
Course provides wide-ranging, specialised, factual level of development that reinforces knowledge and application within the subject, and an awareness of the boundaries of that knowledge.
Duration: 100 – 199 hours
Application fee: £1190.00+VAT
Annual renewal fee: £395.00+VAT


Accredited Advanced Training Programme

Equivalent Level 6
Course provides an advanced level of development that reinforces and enhances knowledge and understanding of the subject requiring demonstrable application of concepts, principles and methodologies.
Duration: 200 – 300 hours
Application fee: £1490.00+VAT
Annual renewal fee: £495.00+VAT


Accredited Extensive Training Programme

Equivalent Level 7
Course provides an extensive level of development that reinforces and enhances knowledge, awareness and understanding of the subject requiring highly demonstrable capability of concepts, principles and methodologies.
Duration: 300+ hours
Application fee: £1890.00+VAT
Annual renewal fee: £595.00+VAT


Accredited Professional Development (APD)

APD is for anyone who wants their specialist training program accredited.
APD is broad in its remit, and includes complementary and/or advanced learning topics, of varying duration. Learning will contribute to a coach/mentor’s professional development, skills and understanding of the subject.
Duration: Various
Application fee: £590+VAT
Annual renewal fee: £195.00+VAT