Complaints against the IAPC&M

IAPC&M Complaints Procedure

Below you will find the steps in order to file a complaint against the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M). 


At the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring, we pride ourselves in being “The most caring, sharing, practical hands-on resource available”.

We value your feedback and take all complaints seriously.

This Complaints Procedure summarises the process to be followed when making a complaint against the IAPC&M.

For the purposes of this document, a complaint is defined as:

“A statement that something is wrong or not satisfactory”.

If you have a complaint specifically about the IAPC&M as an organisation, or any members of our team, we encourage you to submit a complaint directly to us.

Steps in the Complaints Process

1. Submission of Complaint:

Register your complaint formally with the IAPC&M. Complaints should be sent via email to the IAPC&M Resolution and Relationships Manager, Charlotte Keating

In the event that the complaint is against the Resolution and Relationships Manager, complaints should be sent to the Head of Governance, Sue Pallot,, or the Operations Director, David Monro-Jones, .

In all cases, you should:


    • Outline your complaint – provide a clear, detailed description of what your complaint is about and why, in your opinion, it is a valid complaint
    • Provide detail of what you expected versus what you received
    • Specify what you would like the outcome to be

2. Receipt of Complaint:

The Resolution and Relationships Manager will log and acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 20 working days.

3. Assessment and Investigation:

The complaint will be assessed by the Resolution and Relationships Manager to determine its nature and severity and the issue will be investigated thoroughly.

4. Resolution

The Resolution and Relationships Manager will work to resolve the complaint in a timely manner, ensuring fairness and impartiality.

5. Communication

You will be informed of the progress of the complaint within 20 working days.

6. Record Keeping

All complaint details, actions taken, and outcomes will be documented.

Appeals Process

If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, you can bring your complaint to the ombudsman: ·


If you have any questions regarding our IAPC&M complaints procedure please contact Charlotte Keating, IAPC&M’s Resolution and Relationships Manager, at


No information will be shared with any parties outside those mentioned within the complaint without your express permission, unless required by law.

For example, if there is a criminal investigation and we are asked to share information on the complaint by an official body, we are not at liberty to request your permission.

Retention of Information:

Your information will be archived by the IAPC&M for five years after the complaint resolution.