“The quality of education and credentialing of coaches is one of the first conditions for consideration of coaching as a potential profession” (Gray, 2011)


The purpose of the accreditation department is to provide the best accreditation process to coaches and mentors around the world, while undertaking the task of identifying, and assessing the true professional qualities of these practitioners.


In the accreditation department we aim to validate the authentication of the art of coaching and mentoring practice of individuals and organisations.


In order to achieve such a mission there are two key areas that we believe are crucial to focus on:

1.The Competency & Capability Model 






















“Many authors highlight that the effective coach is far more than a set of skills and techniques”. – Wang, Q (2013)


The lists of competencies in our model, while a good starting point, cannot in our opinion, stand-alone as they provide a restricted view of effective practice.  Also, they bring a set of implications that may not be reflective of what is actually needed in the profession.  Finally, there has to be internal consistency between a coaches’ authenticity, which is a coherence between what they do, say, believe, and who they are, all of which influences the way they exercise their skills and techniques.


Therefore, in our model we combine the capabilities approach, which implies the development of the coach is congruent with their characteristics and values, and who they are as a person, rather than relying on the limited information received by focusing only on their competencies.

2.The Accreditation Process


    1. Application 
      1. Online guided process
      2. Step by step easy to follow instructions


    1. Assessment
      1. Live coaching / mentoring call
      2. Competency based interviews.


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