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Welcome and Thank You for Considering the IAPC&M as Your Accreditation Body

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This page will guide you through the accreditation process to help you make an informed choice about your accreditation status options, whether you are an individual coach/mentor, a training provider, or a corporate seeking in-house accreditation.

IAPC&M is a global community which welcomes diversity, we are inclusive and holistic in our approach to your accreditation needs.

See below to learn more about the difference between accreditation and certification.

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The Difference Between Accreditation and Certification

Industry Benchmark

Gaining your professional accreditation status means you have been independently assessed by a third party against an industry standard. This is higher than being assessed by your training provider, when you were only assessed against your peers. It is this independent approach that determines your level of professional capability, and makes our process such a meaningful industry benchmark. This industry standard is important to potential clients because it gives them confidence that they are in safe and capable hands.

Accreditation Provides:

  • Validation that you can apply the knowledge and skills and practice effectively
  • Assessment of your competence to deliver coaching / mentoring at an international standard
  • Authentication of your coaching / mentoring training, qualifications, experience and testimonials.

Therefore, when awarded your IAPC&M accreditation, you can confidently call yourself a best-in-class coach or mentor.

Certification Provides:

  • Confirmation of attendance, knowledge, practical skills, and completion of pre-established training programme

Your training provider may have assessed you, and you can now call yourself a professional certified coach or mentor.

IAPC&M Accreditation is synonymous with quality.

To build a successful business, accreditation is vital for you, your training course or your client-facing signature programme.

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What Type of Accreditation Are You Looking For?

  1. Coach Accreditation Criteria
  2. Mentor Accreditation Criteria
  3. Course Accreditation Criteria
  4. Corporate Accreditation
  5. Client-Facing Signature Programme Accreditation

The IAPC&M Capability Assessment Process

Assessing Capability Rather Than Competency

The IAPC&M have an ongoing collaborative relationship with The International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies – which exists to expand the knowledge base of coaching and mentoring by promoting cutting-edge research and teaching.

The International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies exists to expand the knowledge base of coaching and mentoring by promoting cutting-edge research and teaching.

Every coach or mentor who applies for IAPC&M accreditation is assessed on several criteria designed to ensure consistency of industry standards.

Criteria vary depending on where you trained or gained experience and the accreditation status you are applying for.

In all cases, the accreditation process falls into three areas:

  1. Qualifying criteria – what you need to have to apply for accreditation.
  2. Evidence collection – what you need to provide to show an underlying capability.
  3. Assessment – what you need to do to demonstrate ability.

You are required to complete a capability-based interview, a live assessment, a personal reflection, and validation of evidence.


  • The IAPC&M reserve the right to request further information in support of any application for accreditation at any level
  • Payment of the application fee does not guarantee accreditation
  • Successful accreditation is valid for three years.
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