Complaints Procedure

IAPC&M Complaints Procedure

Protecting members of the public, wherever they are in the world, from unprofessional practices is of paramount importance to the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (“the IAPC&M”).

It is important that the public receives equal and fair treatment from IAPC&M accredited members (i.e. coaches, mentors and training providers). The IAPC&M’s Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics sets out strict rules that all IAPC&M accredited members must follow. As a result, the IAPC&M has a duty to investigate complaints made against its accredited members in an objective manner.

Complaint Definition

A complaint is defined as:

“A statement that something is wrong or not satisfactory.”

We at the IAPC&M value your feedback and all complaints are taken seriously.

If you have a complaint against the IAPC&M itself as an organisation, or any members of our team, we encourage you to submit a complaint directly to us.

Please see below the IAPC&M Complaints Procedures for:

These procedures summarise the process to be followed in each instance and outline the permissible and restricted actions that the IAPC&M can take to provide assistance.