The IAPC&M is the ONLY accreditation body for the coaching & mentoring industry that is approved by the British Industry Ombudsman

Only world class Coaches, Mentors and Training Providers, 

who want to be recognised as leaders in their field need apply to join the IAPC&M 1% Club

Professional practitioners who believe in the importance of accreditation are welcome to apply for their international accreditation status here 

Personal Freedom Begins in Your Mind

You might be surprised to learn that the biggest obstacle so your personal freedom is right between your ears. A negative mindset is the biggest block to freedom. There are so many parts of your life you cannot control - from the need to earn a living to finding true...

Live Masterclass: Time & Action Mastery with Michael Rocks

Introducing our special guest speaker, 17-year veteran business coach, consultant, author, and speaker, Michael Rocks. This masterclass is for coaches and mentors who feel unsure of how to spend their time and what to do to build and sustain a thriving business once...

Live Masterclass: Redesign Your Mind with Eric Maisel

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MORE CLIENTS, LESS MARKETING with Mary Cravets (Here’s What You Missed!)

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3 Top Tips To Get New Clients For Free

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How to Write AND Finish Your Book – 90 Pages in 90 Days

Advance notice of a new on-line programme for aspiring authors called How to Write AND Finish Your Book commences on Thurs. 16th Sept. 2021. The emphasis is on finishing since we know 97% of aspiring authors never cross the finishing line. We passionately believe...

5 Ways to Increase Productivity At Home

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Four Steps to Change a Habit

Most of us have habitual behaviours and thought patterns. They can benefit us or can be detrimental. Most of us relate habits with behaviours that come automatically and easily. For instance, waking up at 6 am without the alarm clock and then exercise, or taking the...

Distractions That Drain Your Focus

There are plenty of distractions in the modern world. They take away your focus and your energy and can stop you from having the life you want. If you’re not hitting your goals, maybe it’s time to look at your main distractions and do something about them. Here are...

Benefits of Getting Organized

Getting organised is not just a good idea because your parents said so. There are lots of benefits to being in control and developing a clutter-free lifestyle.Less stress When organised you are automatically less stressed, you know where your keys, wallet, important...


“As a professionally qualified Chartered Surveyor, it was important to me to be accredited by a professional Coaching organisation and one that is not only approved by the UK Government, but is actively working (with the government) to get the Coaching industry in the UK regulated.

My International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring accreditation provides my Clients with peace of mind that I’m suitably qualified, professional and properly regulated by a professional body.

Being International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring qualified has also proved invaluable in terms of business generation for me.”

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Gemma McCrae

Owner BSc (Hons) MRICS APC, Prosperity Kitchen

“As a coach-training provider and professional coach, I have had a business relationship with International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (and formerly ECI) for fifteen-years.I can strongly attest that the support they provided in that time has been of enormous benefit to both my students and my own business.

Accreditation is usually the first thing a student enquires about and they have always been assured that they are getting the best international recognition for their qualification upon examining International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring credentials.

On a personal level, I have always found the personnel to be friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful at all times. I will continue to use International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring services and highly recommend them for any coach, mentor or training-provider.”

Seann Farrell

Coach, Mindstream Coaching

“The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring accreditation for my coach training course has added considerable gravitas to my business offer and a professional mark of excellence for my students.

It adds confidence and assurance that the course is of a high calibre and meets the requirements for complete and professional coach training.

It is reassuring that the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring maintain high standards for accreditation and acts as a reliable barometer of excellence in the industry and has considerably increased the status of Pure Coaching Academy’s offer”

Carole Ann Rice

MD, Pure Coaching Academy

Join the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring