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Experts in Accreditation Since 1998

The IAPC&M is the ONLY accreditation body for the coaching & mentoring industry that is approved by the British Industry Ombudsman.

Individual Accreditation

Demonstrate you are a leader in your field and find the right level of accredidation for you.

Course Accreditation

Demonstrate your course provides the highest professional level of standards in the industry.

Corporate Accreditation

Provide the highest levels of professional development to your employees.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

IAPC&M accredited coaches have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to practice effectively, safely and legally, thereby increasing client confidence and raising professional standards worldwide.

Increase your confidence & skill set through our Continuing Education, Webinar Library, Coaching Tools and Business of Coaching and Mentoring Programme.

Get Clients Sales & Marketing Masterclass – How To Attract & Close A Flood Of High Paying Clients

Introducing our special guest speaker, Business Coach & Millionaire Entrepreneur, International Best Selling Author and Award-Winning World-Class Trainer & Coach, Mac Attram, in this Sales & Marketing Masterclass - How To Attract & Close A Flood Of...

Set 2022 Juicy Goals in 90-Minutes

Introducing our special guest speaker, Business & Mindset Queen, Ruby McGuire, in her masterclass entitled "Set 2022 Juicy Goals in 90-Minutes". This masterclass is for service-based business owners who are serious about taking action, and want to start off 2022...

Do You and Your Clients Prefer Pain or Pleasure? An Overview of How Your Coaching Fits Your Marketing Strategies – Here’s what you missed!

Introducing our special guest speaker, Accredited Fellow Coach and Accredited Fellow Mentor, Graham Hooper. This masterclass is for anyone who wants to be a coach/mentor and has an interest in coaching and mentoring, and want to gain an insight into marketing. During...

Mental Health & Well-being Experts Needed Now More Than Ever

Based on continuous media reports around the globe, Mental Health & Well-being has never been higher on the agenda, so the need for professional support is only going to grow! Media reports say that clients are presenting increasingly complex needs, exacerbated by...

Stop calling yourself a coach if you aren’t one!

I love that we dedicate a week every year to celebrate the results-orientated coaching industry: coaching is such a powerful way to help people change their personal and professional lives. And you never know the impact one conversation can have in terms of a ripple...

The “Dream House” Goals Model for Success (Part 1): What’s Your Big Dream?

In this unpredictable and dynamic world, leadership—both of ourselves and others—requires adaptability and agility. As we turn the corner into a new year and set out our goals, we all face two big questions: How can we consider all the possibilities and...

National Mentoring Day – 27th October 2021

Created in 2014 by Chelsey Baker, an award-winning business mentor, National Mentoring Day celebrates the contribution that mentoring makes and its impact. This year, we will be celebrating National Mentoring Day on Wednesday, 27th of October. The Difference Between...

Live Masterclass: 6 Must Know Social Media Marketing Tips for Busy Coaches

Introducing our special guest speaker, Queen of Brand & Princess of Planners, Sophie Jewry. This masterclass is for coaches and mentors who want to understand how best to promote themselves on social media, in a way that is time and energy-efficient, to free up...

5 Quick Tips To Reduce Stress Caused by “The Perfectionist” Thinking

We are not born perfect (Even though our parents may think so 🙂)! And there is very little evidence to show that we are born Perfectionists. Perfectionism is something we learn through our environment, and there can be many reasons including positive reinforcement,...

Mentoring in the Workplace

In Celebration of National Mentoring Day, 27th October We all know the fundamental differences between coaching and mentoring.  However, recently we are hearing that practitioners are increasingly being asked to cross those boundaries from coaching to mentoring or...

Continued Professional Development

Continued Professional Development forms an integral part of our accreditation process (application and re-accreditation) to ensure that our accredited practitioners demonstrate they have the highest levels of professional standards (and capability) in the industry.

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The IAPC&M has a proven track record in providing coaches, mentors and training providers with a 1st class personal service. Your benefit: 

  • A wealth of value added business building resources
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