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Individual Accreditation

Demonstrate you are a leader in your field and find the right level of accredidation for you.

Course Accreditation

Demonstrate that your course provides the highest professional level of standards in the industry.

Corporate Accreditation

Provide the highest levels of professional development to your employees.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

IAPC&M accredited coaches have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to practice effectively, safely and legally, thereby increasing client confidence and raising professional standards worldwide.

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AHA! – Appreciation Helps Appreciation (Here’s What You Missed!)

A word from our host – “Yet another heart-led Masterclass from Srividya Nagaraju on the topic of Appreciation. A topic most of us are familiar with but here she really went into the details of the why, the how of giving and also receiving appreciation and how powerful...

How to Attract Your Ideal Clients as a Coach with Cynthia Wihardja

Introducing our special guest speaker on How to Attract Your Ideal Clients as a Coach, Founder of The Brave Zone, Cynthia Wihardja. This masterclass is open to all who are tired of copying other people’s strategies and want to find the marketing approach that...

The 16 Challenges of Smart Teens – A Masterclass with Eric Maisel

Introducing our special guest speaker on The 16 Challenges of Smart Teens, American Psychotherapist & author of more than 50 books, Eric Maisel. This masterclass is open to all coaches who work with adolescents, all coaches who work with intelligent clients, all...

AHA! – Appreciation Helps Appreciation with Srividya Nagaraju

Introducing our special guest speaker on AHA! - Appreciation Helps Appreciation​, TEDx speaker and internationally acclaimed facilitator, Srividya Nagaraju. This masterclass is open to all professionals, employees, coaches, parents and leaders. During this 45-minute...

A Deep Dive Into Why Values Matter with Amy Schoen (Here’s What You Missed!)

“I got some gems from this interview, so just went back and 'reviewed' my values, now I can fine-tune a few things in my messaging” 🙂  PetraValues are key to all our successful connections. Knowing yours is just as important as knowing your clients' values, perhaps...

Excellence in Coaching – Black Friday 50% Discount

Anyone who is thinking about adding coaching to their skill set and recognises the importance of certification and accreditation in supporting their new business venture, will want to benefit from a MASSIVE 50% discount being offered as the Black Friday deal of the...

How To Get and Give a Ted Talk with Srividya Nagaraju (Here’s What You Missed From This Masterclass!)

A word from our host – “Another vibrant, clear, well structured and extremely helpful Masterclass by international facilitator Srividya Nagaraju. It certainly gave us a lot of guidance on the Why, Who, What and How of a TED talk. We covered, in a clear flow, a lot of...

The Social Entrepreneur Coach with Pauline Sawaya (Here’s What You Missed From This Masterclass!)

A word from our host – “Coaching as entrepreneurship! Now that was an eye-opener for me and exactly what I needed to hear at this stage of my business to shift my mindset to truly see coaching as a business and a societal force for good. Delivered with a lot of...

Coach & Mentor Accreditation – Ask Me Anything

Join Dawn for a tea/coffee, or in her case a smoothie, for a chat and get some answers to your questions. Hosted by IAPC&M, Business Director, Dawn Campbell “the caring, sharing, practical fire-starter who’s a great networker”. Dawn has been a mentor to coaches...

Q: Am I being coached or mentored? A: YES

Q: “So, am I being coached or mentored?”A: “Yes” Ah and so the mystery begins .... Therefore to get a straight answer we have invited David Monro-Jones, the COO of the International Authority of Professional Coaching and Mentoring, and an Accredited Master Coach...

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) forms an integral part of our accreditation process (application and re-accreditation) to ensure that our accredited practitioners demonstrate they have the highest levels of professional standards (and capability) in the industry.

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Online Business of Coaching & Mentoring Programme

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Karen Liebenguth, AMC

“I enjoyed the whole process of master coach accreditation. It was an important way of reviewing and deepening my coaching skills. I felt very well supported by the IAPC&M along the way, and the CPD resources made available during this process were fantastic and very helpful”.

Anna Ceesay, APC

“Getting accredited with IAPC&M is something every coach should do. The accreditation process is rigorous and demands high standards, which makes me proud to have recently achieved my Accredited Practitioner Coach (APC) status. Dawn and David are very supportive and easy to communicate with. I now feel part of a global family of coaches who are striving for the best service for our clients. Thank you to IAPC&M for welcoming me into your community”.

Tri-Coaching Partnerships

“Having achieved accreditation for our Excellence in Coaching Programme, we found the process to be very efficient. Also, the support has been great from David and Dawn. As co-MDs we first became accredited individually as Fellow Coaches & Mentors, then applied for our programme to be accredited. The launch of our Excellence in Coaching Programme proved to be very successful thanks to our accreditation, which instils our clients with confidence to be the best coaches they can be“.

Hulya Kurt, APC

“After passing a very intense capability call, followed by an in depth feedback, I was allowed to have the Senior Assessment Interview, demonstrating mentor qualities rather than coaching which differs. David, gave me very detailed information about how the session will be conducted, what I could expect and what would be the next steps. I loved especially the beginning of each session breaking the ice first and warming up, like you would do prior any race. You forget about that you are in a kind of exam. Very useful and helps to upskill yourself, the extraordinary feedback with samples of questions, comments and what could had been better. Thanks for such a great assessment”.

Nicole Balmer, APC

“I am so excited to be accredited with the IAPC&M. They have been wonderful throughout their training videos and the support provided in feeling prepared for the assessment and what to expect. It’s an amazing feeling to be a part of such a top-class organisation and I’m excited about my future coaching and progression alongside them”.

Sean McCallum, AMC

“The whole accreditation process has been inspiring. Our CrISIS Schema Workshop is the culmination of years of development in the field of psychological first aid – we weren’t about to have it accredited by just any old organisation, and the IAPC&M didn’t let us down. We were seeking an accreditation process that challenged us to improve, and that’s just what we got. We already knew that we’d got a nugget of gold, and the IAPC&M helped us to polish it and have it shine even brighter! A key thing for us was the values based approach that the IAPC&M have in all they do, and that aligned well for us as a non-profit company with a deep social connection. In short, a challenging and enlightening accreditation process, which we have benefitted from enormously”.

Caroline Jeffrey, APC

“My accreditation is an important asset to provide my clients and provides professionalism to my profile. The wonderful added bonus has been the huge value to myself in terms of personal development, growth and learning. The IAPC&M have, expertly and consistently supported me throughout the process of gaining my accreditation, and I’m so glad to have momentum of this continued support with my ongoing personal development”.

Eric Courturier, AFC

“So glad I did it! After looking at different organisations for accreditation, I am so glad I went with IAPC&M. We are working in a crowded market, where sadly, many people can do more damage than good. Having gone through the rigorous processes and being awarded a Fellow membership prove how serious Coaches & Mentors can be elevated from the masses and strive in their industry. If you are serious about our industry, and you want to punch above the rest, I genuinely recommend IAPC&M for you to make your mark. Dawn & David are beneficial, and make sure you are not left on your own during the process. As we strive for quality delivery from honest coaches & mentors, IAPC&M is definitely the awarding body to consider for your next move. The more profound question I now ask myself is…Why did I wait so long” ?

Emma Carroll, APC

“After completing my Diploma in Life Coaching it was important to me that I become accredited by a professional body, I wanted to be recognised as a professional coach and to ensure I was coaching my clients to a high standard of excellence. I am delighted I decided to apply for that accreditation with IAPC&M. Leading up to the assessment they were incredibly responsive to any queries, and I gained a lot from the coaching capability videos they have produced for IAPC&M Practitioners. The feedback I received post my assessment was constructive and extremely valuable to me when identifying areas for CPD. I am excited to start my journey with IAPC&M, I already feel supported by the team, and I am confident it will with provide great value and ROI”.

Aintherese Madden, APC

“For me it is really important to achieve Accreditation status so that clients can really feel they trust me and the work I do. The IAPC&M feedback helped me see my blind spots. I realised that it doesn’t matter how good we think we are or could be, what matters is the client’s story, their journey and personal capability”.

A Leader In The Industry

The IAPC&M has a proven track record in providing coaches, mentors and training providers with a 1st class personal service.

Benefits for coaches and mentors:

  • A wealth of value-added business-building resources.
  • Gain skills and knowledge to practice effectively.
  • Raise your professional standards.
  • Increase your credibility.
  • Increase client confidence.