How to Write AND FINISH Your Book

How to write and finish your book in 90 days

Welcome Aspiring Authors!

If you are ready to upscale AND kick-start your business with a book, this online course is for you!

We are offering a special programme:

How to Write AND Finish Your Book in 90days

This online programme and book of the same name has been developed by IAPC&M members and authors, Aurora Dawn Campbell, and Ruby McGuire. They are passionate about supporting other accredited coaches & mentors to develop a winning sales strategy for their business too.


Having a published book is one of the quickest and easiest ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace and an increasingly noisy digital space. Being a published author makes it easier for clients to identify you as an expert because your book showcases your expertise in your chosen coaching/mentoring field. It also opens doors for you in a way few other strategies do.

A book secures you speaking gigs, something that can potentially earn you more money than book sales do; it can become a client-facing signature programme, masterclass and training, and it offers you a wealth of PR & Media opportunities.

In praise of How to Write AND FINISH Your Book

“So many creatives never complete their creative work. As a creativity coach, I work with this issue every day of the week. Thank goodness for Aurora Dawn Campbell and Ruby McGuire’s new book How to Write AND Finish Your Book, with its laser focus on getting the work DONE. This is a splendid resource for every writer, writing teacher, and writing coach. Highly recommended!

Eric Maisel

Coach & Author

Join the 3% Club

Surveys state, only 3% of people who start writing a book will finish it.  If you want all the benefits that having a book in your sales strategy will bring, Aurora Dawn & Ruby’s kick-butt accountably will ensure you are in the 3%.

Having a book does all that and more!

If you’re one of the 97% talking about writing a book, then stop talking and start writing!

To join the 3% and get your book finished, with our support (your sales strategy will thank you for the massive PR boost!), then all you need to commit to is writing one page a day for 90-days to achieve a 90-page first draft book.

That’s right, one page a day and you’ll have your first draft book in your hands in 3 months.

Authors Certificate Sample

I have learned so much about myself and so much about the niche area that I am writing about. It’s still a draft, but I can see there is much valuable information in my book. I loved our online writing group, the other authors and everything we shared every week. I really enjoyed the guest speakers too who shared so much information about becoming an author. Thank you so much both of you. Aylin Webb, APC, Author UK

Aylin Webb

APC, Author, UK

Who is the programme for?

Aspiring authors yearn to find the time to write a book that benefits their business.

The only prerequisites for the programme are that you’re currently running a business, or intending to do so, and have some writing experience of blog posts, newsletters, or articles.

How to write and finish your book logo

This programme includes everything you need to create and write your 90-page draft in 90days:

  1. The essential components of writing a business book
  2. How to enhance your writing and mindset skills required to become an author
  3. How to produce a first-draft 90-page business book in 90-days (and we’ll share the reasoning behind the success of the 90-page book).

Having a book will help prospective clients:

  • Who want to help themselves
  • Identify you as a professional when they’ve gone as far as they can alone
  • Builds a trusting relationship with you based on an understanding of what you can do for them
  • Understand what it is you do, how you do it, and who you are so they can determine if you’re a good fit for them.
How would you like to:
  • Upscale your business – fast
  • Attract new clients with more ease
  • Raise your profile and expertise with credibility
  • Give a quality thank-you gift to existing clients
  • Expand your visibility and reach in a noisy digital space
  • Have a product open online and in-person opportunities for you
  • Have a low price-point product in your sales toolkit that earns income?

I did not think I could finish the book at the start of this online programme. I can’t believe I’ve finished it and now have something that I can publish. It’s amazing, and a wonderful feeling of fulfilment when you have lots to share with the wider world. On social media, my book launch will add credibility and reach people I did not know. Mind blowing.

Hulya Kurt

ASC/M, Author, Switzerland

Why 90 pages in 90 days?

90-days keeps you focused on track, and it’s a short enough time to keep motivation levels high.

We can all say “I’m writing a book”. Finishing is a whole different ball game!

We believe everyone needs to be properly trained; insured (if your country offers it); professionally accredited AND have a book as part of creating your signature client programme – all key differentiators in the eyes of potential clients who are trying to identify best-in-class practitioners.

I have a book, so obviously I am satisfied. I have not only that, but I’ve also started posting daily on social media and my book is making it bigger and better. I am planning to turn my book into an online course. I loved everything. Thank you, it was a fantastic learning experience.

Malgorzata Witkowska

APC, Author, Poland

How to Write and FInish Your Book

I would have liked to achieve more, however with the time constraints I had, I’m pleased with my results having never done anything like this before and I will finish and publish. I enjoyed discovering a new chapter about myself the most.

Michelle Joseph


There’s a lot I learned during the programme, so thank you Ruby and Dawn for all your hard work and expertise. I knew I needed some accountability, and you helped me to push through. Other benefits I wanted to share are that attending your programme has sparked/ignited me to work more strategically on my business and website to create more offers, not just my book.  Through the program, I have learned a lot more about writing and am considering writing articles and submitting them in the future for online mags etc. In working on my book, I discovered material that I never published before such as blogs, and programs that I had never done anything about. I also learned a lot about writing from Stephen King and the other books you suggested too.

Gail Mae


Once again thank you both. It’s been a transformational experience.  Very satisfied 10/10 It’s been an amazing journey. I’ve learnt so much – thanks to you both for sharing all your knowledge, good practise, and templates etc. I’ve also learned so much about me and what I’m capable of. My book will also be my online course, with the book to back up my claim. What I loved most was the clear guidelines you gave, per section, per chapter, per book making it doable. I also loved being in the weekly coaching group with you and Ruby and everyone else around the world. You were both so full of good energy and so supportive and encouraging. It made me realise that running my own business can be a lonely thing and what a difference it makes when you get chance to hang out with positive people. It’s given me a tremendous confidence boost and it’s shaped my business plan for 2024. I’ve proved I can write. In short, it’s changed my approach to my business. Writing is also addictive, and I keep thinking of new books I want to write. Thank you both for being so supportive, helpful and generally lovely.

Sue Hedley