Professional Standards for Coaches and Mentors

As the industry authority, we are often asked by clients / students how to choose their coach, mentor or training provider. We have created complimentary downloadble e-guides as part of your due-diligence to help you make your choice.

By hiring an IAPC&M accredited coach or mentor, or choosing to train with one of our training providers, you can rest assured you are being supported by coaches, mentors and training providers that adhere to the highest standards in our profession.

What Does The Professional Standards Team Do?

  • Create the standards and ethics framework
  • Benchmark for how complaints are assessed
  • Ensure members adhere to these standards.

Why Do We Need Professional Standards?

  • To raise the profile of our profession
  • To ensure that the public is protected
  • To make our industry one we can be proud of.
Professional Standards Graphic

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