Welcome to the FAQ page where you will find quick links and more. Here, you can discover answers to common questions about accreditation, membership benefits, coaching, mentoring, and training. Whether you’re a new member looking to understand the accreditation process or a coach seeking accredited professionals, our FAQ page is your go-to resource. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please fill out this form.

New Member FAQ

Once I become a member am I automatically accredited?
Not yet!. However, as a member you can access all the support and benefits we offer to help you pass your accreditation and develop both your coaching skills and your business. The accreditation process is detailed here: https://coach-accreditation.services/


How often will I need to renew my accreditation?
Successful accreditation is valid for three years. You must demonstrate your Continued Professional Development (CPD) by keeping a CPD log. There is a fee to recertification. Click here to learn more about CPD requirements
Is there a requirement for ongoing education or training?
We ask our members to undertake a minimum of 30 hours CPD (Continuous Professional Development) training a year.  CPD includes both business and personal development. Download our CPD guide here
How does the accreditation process work?
The accreditation process is detailed here: https://coach-accreditation.services/accreditation/
What exactly is coaching and how can it benefit me?
Coaching is a collaborative and goal-oriented partnership between a coach and an individual. Through personalized conversations and strategic questioning, a coach helps you identify and achieve your personal and professional objectives. The benefits include enhanced self-awareness, goal clarity, improved decision-making, and the development of practical strategies to overcome challenges. Ultimately, coaching empowers you to unlock your potential and navigate positive change in various aspects of your life.

Coach Client FAQ

Why is coaching accreditation important?

Whether you are an individual coach, mentor, training provider, or have a corporate in-house program, your IAPC&M accreditation status is synonymous with excellence.

You get to display a visible internationally recognised logo guaranteeing capability and quality. This logo provides you with a significant advantage in a highly competitive market, it differentiates you from other individuals/organisations who are NOT independently and professionally accredited.

Does the IAPC&M guarantee the quality of IAPC&M Accredited Coaches & Mentors?
Whilst we cannot guarantee the quality of any coach or mentor, our IAPC&M accreditation process is rigorous and extensive. Any accredited coach has demonstrated they have met our exacting standards.
How can I find an accredited coach?
Please navigate to our Directory where you can find a list of accredited coaches & mentors. Each coach has details of their specialities and other information to help you decide who to contact. We recommend you talk to at least 2 coaches to ensure you find the one who is right for you.
Is coaching suitable for me, and how do I know if I need a coach?
Coaching can be beneficial if you have specific goals or challenges you want to address, and you’re seeking a structured, supportive process to help you achieve them. It’s a valuable choice if you’re open to self-improvement and ready to commit to personal or professional development with the guidance of a trained coach. Many coaches offer a free initial coaching call “a discovery call” so you can experience coaching firsthand to see if it’s right for you.
How much does coaching cost, and are there payment options available?
Prices per session vary according to the specialty of the coach, if it’s a group or one-to-one session, the length of the session, and if the session is a one-off or part of a program/series. Typically a one-to-one coaching session lasting 60 minutes could cost between £100 and £200 however prices do vary

Training Provider FAQ

Why is it important to have my training course accredited?
Having your training course accredited is crucial as it adds credibility and recognition to your program. Accreditation ensures that your course meets established standards, providing assurance to participants, employers, and stakeholders about the quality and relevance of your coaching certification. This validation can enhance the reputation of your program, increase trust, and open doors to broader opportunities for both trainers and trainees.
Can students of my accredited course get accredited as an IAPC&M coach or mentor?
Yes they can. Each student will need to get individually accredited. The Accredited Training Provider Course Route (ATPCR) is available. It’s both faster and cheaper.
Can I have more than one course accredited?
Yes you can have multiple courses accredited. You will then become known as an Accredited Training Providers.