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To benefit from being supported by our coach and mentor accreditation team, please apply HERE.

Since 1998 the IAPC&M has operated with a team of service driven volunteer coaches and mentors. The objective remains one of supporting coaches and mentors to serve their clients safely and professionally.

As an accredited member, you benefit from immediate access to one-to-one and group personal and professional support from our team. 


David Monro-Jones, Operations Director, IAPC&M

David Monro-Jones

Operations Director

Aurora Dawn Campbell. Director of Business, IAPC&M

Aurora Dawn Campbell

Business Director


Jellian Alcoser, Lead Generation, VA

Jellian Alcoser

VA & Lead Generation

Bettina Pickering, IAPC&M Account Manager

Bettina Pickering

UK & Ireland Ambassador

Tony Vernon, USA Ambassador, IAPC&M

Tony Vernon

USA Ambassador


Laurie Burrows, IAPC&M Head of Marketing

Laurie Burrows

Head of Marketing

Sue Hedley, IAPC&M Web Copywriter

Sue Hedley

Lead Copywriter

Petra Juhaszova, IAPCM

Petra Juhászová

Video Production

Bea Phillips, IAPC&M CoachYourSelf Blog Editor, Web Front End

Beatrice Phillips

Editor:, Web Front End

Jenny Butter, IAPC&M Podcast Host

Jenny Butter

Podcast Host: Both Sides of the Coin

Professional Services

Sue Pallot, Governance, IAPC&M

Sue Pallot


Anna Manidaki, Researcher, IAPC&M

Anna Manidaki


Charlotte Keating, Resolution & Relationships Manager, IAPC&M

Charlotte Keating

Resolution & Relationships Manager


Jo Cantle, Orientation Manager, IAPC&M

Jo Cantle

Member Orientation Manager

Continued Professional Development (CPD) & Education

Nikki Wild, IAPC&M

Nikki Wild

Head of Education

Lisa McMurtry, Head of CPD, IAPC&M

Lisa McMurtry

Head of CPD

Emma Oliver, CPD Assistant, IAPC&M

Emma Oliver

CPD Assistant

Hulya Kurt, Book Club Manager, IAPC&M

Hulya Kurt

Book Club Coordinator

Julie Kennedy, IAPC&M

Julie Kennedy

Masterclass Host, Author Series Interviewer

Rhea Monte, VA, CRM, Social Media & ICW

Rhea Monte

VA, CRM, Social Media & ICW

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