I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the support provided in helping me become an IAPC&M AFC. It is truly an honour to have achieved this recognition. I couldn’t have done it without your invaluable guidance, assistance, time and your unwavering commitment to my success. I am grateful for everything you have done.

Marcelino Gebrayel

AFC, NMC, Dubai

I would like to share though that I have found you very supporting, encouraging and accommodating. I am pleased that I was able to find you when looking at different accreditations and that your response was rapid.

Sarah Starling,

Coach, Break Charity, UK

WOW thanks, Dawn & David. I’m proud of this personal achievement, it’s a great boost, I’m also proud that I went at a pace that worked for me. Thank you for all your support. You have been so understanding and encouraging throughout the whole process and I am grateful.

Louise Howe


Accreditation was a great milestone in my coaching development. I feel inspired and motivated to continue developing my coaching skills and will continue learning and of course benefit from all great opportunities and support that IAPC&M offers.

Mariya Nacheva

APC, Bulgaria

When I was selecting my coaching diploma course, it really influenced my final decision when I realised some courses are accredited and they gave me the added benefits of a cheaper and a faster route to my own accreditation status.

Sue Hedley


I want to share my extremely positive experience during my APC accreditation process. David and Dawn were fantastically supportive and encouraging. I was provided the necessary information throughout, and the best part was receiving David’s valuable and inspirational feedback following my assessment. I already feel part of an amazing community and have learnt new things from David who has been great in helping me develop my CPD which is exciting!

Mariya Nacheva

APC, Bulgaria

Thanks so much for your message and useful marketing ideas Dawn. I am in the process of finishing my first book, so I found the authors’ interview series very helpful, great to see them all in one place too, thanks.

Rebecca Kirk


I’m thrilled to be recognised by the IAPC&M and join the 1% club of Accredited Practitioner Coaches – what a great investment for my coaching career. The standard was incredibly high and I felt honoured to have passed!

Clara Toombs


Thank you for making the process of accrediting my course enjoyable and inspiring, so I am very grateful. I also appreciate the incredible turnaround!

Nicola Edwards

UK, Dandelion Training and Development

From day 1 as a trainee coach, I knew I would become accredited, even if my then training provider repeatedly told me that I wouldn’t need it for my coaching practice. Why was accreditation important to me from day 1? Because it isn’t just a certificate; it is a key pillar for a fully credible, trustworthy, and transparent coaching business. It ensures that coaches operate on the highest professional and ethical standards, especially because coaching is still an unregulated industry. Additionally, accreditation was critical because I work with young people and young migrants who require a consistent high level of safety, integrity, and transparency”. Stef Ferrucci, AMC, UK 2) “I just became an Accredited Master Coach. The process was educational and enlightening, but challenging, at the same time. I specifically chose the IAPC&M,as my accreditation body because they have expertise in accrediting and working with youth organisations and youth coaches”. Stef Ferrucci, AMC, UK 3) “The team: David, Dawn, Nikki, … are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. Throughout my time with the IAPC&M, they have all been kind, supportive, and genuinely caring. If you’re serious about working as a coach and you value integrity and professionalism, then accreditation is a MUST, not just an option, and IAPC&M is and will be your best choice.

Stef Ferrucci


Thanks so much. I’m very happy to be part of this group.


Hugh Wahla


Thank you for the support and assistance during my accreditation process. It was super fast, smooth, insightful and really helpful. Thank you so much for everything, I am grateful to you and David.

Pooja Shende

APC, India

I’m thoroughly enjoying the CPD and getting to know you (and Dawn) and look forward to seeing you in person. You’ve created such a great resource, it’s very impressive and very supportive – so thank you to you all at IAPC&M.

Anna Miller


Thank you Dawn for this wonderful welcome e-mail moment to the IAPC&M community and resources!💜 

Larisa Cepoi

ASC, The Republic of Moldova

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