Accredited Client-Facing Signature Programme

Ready To Upscale Your Business?

Then you’ll be interested in this initiative, specifically for IAPC&M accredited members.

Accredited Signature Programme Certificate

Providing you, and your prospective clients another key differentiator when they are searching for the right programme for them, in what is a crowded and noisy digital marketplace.

Let us help you help even more clients by shining a light on the programme you have created.

Whatever your client-facing signature programme helps clients achieve, we can accredit your programme.

Once paid, please send your completed form to If you have any questions or queries, please let us know.

If you are not yet an IAPC&M accredited member, but are interested in becoming accredited, and having your signature programme accredited, please email

Client-Facing Signature Programme

Application fee £599.00+VAT

Annual renewal £195.00+VAT