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MAY 2022

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Thank you for registering for our Authors’ Series. We’re looking forward to you joining us in celebration of the 24th annual International Coaching Week long event, 2-6th May.

We’ll be interviewing 20 internationally recognised coaches who became successful authors. You’ll hear their author’s journey, and in particular, learn how having a published book helped them upscale and shine a light on their businesses. So, lots of inspiration, fun and great tips coming your way.

Please note, this is a unique live opportunity to meet these people. Recordings will only be freely available for 7 days.

Excellent event, I highly recommend clearing your diary to attend as I managed to do last year and it was fab, so I’m looking forward to learning from this one too”!

Ann McMeekin

AMC, Rainbow Promise Health

Having a published book is one of the fastest ways to upscale your business. So, this years theme is publishing related. 

We’ll be exploring, why write a book; what’s the best process; when’s the best time to start writing; which publishing options; who else can help make your book a reality, and most importantly, how does having a book help to upscale your business.

Every interview is with a successful coaching entrepreneur and author – you can meet them below.