Why Accreditation Matters

This page addresses three fundamental questions you are probably asking yourself right now while choosing your accreditation body.

1. Why accreditation matters

Whether you are an individual coach, mentor, training provider, or have a corporate in-house programme, your IAPC&M accreditation status is synonymous with excellence.

Therefore, IAPC&M accreditation benefits you as a practitioner; you as a training provider seeking to attract more international students, and you as a corporate to improve staff retention and visibility.

2. Why IAPC&M accreditation?

    IAPC&M accreditation provides our global members a massive Return on Investment (annual ROI Statement) enabling you to benefit personally and professionally.

    To experience the “The most caring, sharing, practical hands-on resource available”  for Coach Accreditation apply here;   for Mentor Accreditation apply here.

    3. How will Accreditation Benefit me?

    • You get to display a visibal internationally recognised logo guaranting capability and quality
    • This logo provides you with a significant advantage in a highly competitive market
    • Differentiates you from other individuals/organisations who are NOT independently and professionally accredited.