As an IAPC&M accredited practitioner, you’re ‘best in class’, or as I like to call us, the ‘1% Club’.  So, where can the public find you? 

Here is a quick summary of how to stand out in a crowded market and help prospective clients identify you more easily.  Promote your:

✔ Certificate

✔ Professional status logo

✔ Request your personalised promo (as offered a previous Weekly Bulletin)

✔ Professional Code of Conduct policy confirming that you adhere to our Standards & Ethics

✔ Networking and discounted business-building support from our Solution Partners such as insurance

✔ Generic complaints procedure (if you don’t have your own download ours from the secure members’ area)

✔ Online directory profile entry (see your congratulations PDF for instructions) this is your shop window until you have a website

✔ Take up our PR opportunity of a YouTube interview and blog to put a face to your name with a link back to your directory profile

✔ Contribute to a Round Table Discussion and or Special Interest Groups proving you’re an expert in your field e.g. Education and Mental Health

✔ Digital how-to e-guides: How to Choose your Coach/Mentor

✔ Write for us; recently featured in Marie Claire magazine and we published a co-authored book How to Win Clients & Keep Them

✔ Contribute to our audio Podcast series or Coaching Conversations (series of YouTube video interviews)

✔ Access and share a range of professionally designed digital adverts (ask me) and videos aimed at educating coaches and the public about Why Accreditation Matters

If there is anything else we can do to support you and or your business please ask me.