Tina Salter, a lecturer, accredited by Oxford Brooks University, is working at YMCA George Williams College.  Tina has approached us for help gathering case studies for new her book: Coaching for Young People. 

So, if you are an educator or parent who knows of young people who have experienced life coaching, she wants to hear from you.

Tina wants to interview young people (or young adults who experienced coaching in their teenage years) who are willing to share their experience of coaching. It is important that the type of coaching the young person has experienced is either life-coaching or strengths-based coaching (as opposed to mentoring). These coaching case studies will be used within the book as real life examples.

What’s in it for the young person?
Firstly, I believe passionately that coaching could be helping many young people who currently struggle with loneliness, anxiety, confusion, decision-making and relationship issues, amongst other themes that come up in a coaching session. Real-life stories help other young people considering the benefits of coaching as a tool that could help them too. Secondly, participants will receive a free signed book as a thank you for their contribution.

What to do next if you can help
If you know of a young person or young adult who has experienced coaching as a teenager and is happy to be interviewed, please put them in touch with me by Friday 7th December 2018.

I am flexible with interview arrangements – these can be carried out over the ‘phone, Skype or in person at school.

I have a current DBS and the research will be carried out ethically, including signed consent and guaranteed anonymity.

My email is t.salter@ymca.ac.uk for anyone interested in supporting this valuable piece of work.

As a thank you for your help, practitioners who contact me with case studies, will also receive a signed copy of this book.  Thank you