Another CPD Business-Building date for your diary, this time, with the Business Mastery & Mindset Queen, Ruby McGuire, founder of Rock Your Fabulous Biz

What you will gain by attending this pricing mindset webinar:

👑 Learn a super simple framework for pricing your services

👑 Understand how your relationship with money may be blocking your success

👑 Clear some common money blocks so that you can start charging good money for your services

Who is this webinar for – it’s for you if you’re still:

👑 Going round in circles trying to figure out what to charge for your services

👑 Stuck in the time for money trap which is resulting in you burning yourself out, but you can’t figure out how to break the cycle

👑 Uncomfortable asking for money for your services, despite knowing deep down you offer incredible value and can really help your dreamie clients

Following this webinar, you’ll be given access to a Proven Pricing & Packaging Worksheet that will help you create packages you can ‘rinse and repeat’. Ruby used created this process, so she’s going to share with you with one of her recent client’s success stories that you can repeat. 

Using Ruby’s Proven Pricing & Packaging format, her client created two new clients within the next 24 hours, and then another one a couple of days later, bringing in an additional 4K into her business in less than a week.  So, no more services for free, confident in her raised pricing structure, this client has defined new ways to package her services and make more money.  If this is what you want too, you will need to join us for a fun session where Ruby challenges us to get practical, dive into our pricing structures, and ditch the money mindset blocks that stand in the way of our success.

Special Offer: Discovery Call Magic ‪https://www.rubymcguire.com/discovery-call-magic/ usually priced at £197 but reduced to only £47 for IAPC&M members

Register your hot seat here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_oFkDrAFIRDGVgoshPhZNPg

Meet Visibility Diva, a.k.a. Queen of Connection, Ruby McGuire, here, or read her blogs featured on this page here: