As a coach/mentor training provider offering courses to international students, you must understand what having an accredited course means and how accreditation helps attract more students. So, what is an accredited course, and how would accreditation help people acknowledge your course?

What is an Accredited Course?

An accredited course is run by a coach or mentor (in our case) that has been evaluated by a training provider, like the IAPC&M (International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring).

A training course accreditation shows potential buyers they can trust the course content and provider. Accreditation shows that you, as the provider, have the skills and expertise to deliver what you have promised.

We consider accreditation as a ‘badge of honour’ because it visually shows that the IAPC&M has assessed each course module and the provider. The certificate confirms that we value the course enough for accreditation.

What is an Accreditation Course?

What Happens When IAPC&M Evaluates My Course?

IAPC&M has in-house assessors who are all highly experienced in the world of coaching and mentoring. Depending on the course you are delivering, our assessors will evaluate your course through things such as:

  • Skills assessments.
  • Self-directed studies.
  • Written assignments, which are marked.
  • Coaching and mentoring for the students.
  • Reflective practice.
  • Programme evaluation.
  • Presentation of the IAPC&M Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Presentation of the IAPC&M Capability Model.
  • Presentation of the IAPC&M Why Accreditation Matters.

We are also keen to evaluate the course based on students’ feedback and experience.

The IAPC&M has different assessment levels, depending on the length of your course you want accreditation for.

Accredited Course Levels

Courses must be delivered by an accredited senior or master coach or mentor – the information below will give you an idea of who can deliver the training. Please see our accredited course levels, criteria, and fees.

The IAPC&M has five levels for accredited courses based on the hours and depth of skills and knowledge provided to their students.

Short Training Course

Course time: 7 – 14 hours
Delivered by: Accredited Senior Coach or Mentor

The course provides introductory knowledge of the subject, covering fundamental facts, principles, methods and general concepts.

Foundation Training Course – Equivalent Level 4

Course time: 15 – 99 hours
Delivered by: Accredited Senior Coach or Mentor

The course provides greater depth of knowledge on the subject, increasing awareness and understanding and applying facts, principles, methodologies, and concepts.

Intermediate Training Course – Equivalent Level 5

Course time: 100 – 199 hours
Delivered by: Accredited Master Coach or Mentor

The course provides a wide-ranging, specialised, factual level of development that reinforces knowledge and application within the subject and an awareness of the boundaries of that knowledge.

Advanced Training Programme – Equivalent Level 6

Course time: 200 – 300 hours
Delivered by: Accredited Master Coach or Mentor

The course provides an advanced level of development that reinforces and enhances knowledge and understanding of the subject, requiring demonstrable application of concepts, principles and methodologies.

Extensive Training Programme – Equivalent Level 7

Course time: 300 hours plus
Delivered by: Accredited Master Coach or Mentor

The course provides an extensive level of development that reinforces and enhances knowledge, awareness, and understanding of the subject, requiring highly demonstrable capability for concepts, principles, and methodologies.

Accredited Professional Development (APD)

Course time: Various lengths
Delivered by: Accredited Senior Coach or Mentor

APD is broad in its remit and includes complimentary and/or advanced learning topics of varying duration. Learning will contribute to a coach/mentor’s professional development, skills and understanding of the subject.

How Does Course Accreditation Help?

Course accreditation helps your training stand out in the highly competitive industry of coaching/mentoring and can help you sell your course to a broader international audience.

Accredited Course Directory

Once your course is accredited, you will be invited to include it in the IAPC&M Accredited Course Directory to connect with potential students.

In the directory, you can add your course photo, name and contact details, social media accounts, accreditation level, course description, and a link to a web page.

Bonus for Your Accredited Course Attendees

A unique selling point of having your coach/mentor training course accredited is that your students will benefit from a faster track and reduced fee option to their personal accreditation status, again based on hours of experience:

A Bonus for You

We have created a complimentary downloadable e-guide, How to Choose Your Training Provider, so you can promote it on your website to help your students understand you are the right coach/mentor training provider.

For further information, take a look at our Course Accreditation or speak to one of our team members.