Last year the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M) announced our plan to write a co-authored book and invited contributions.

Fast forward to date, and I’m delighted to announce we’ve done it.

Well, to be precise these magnificent 7 coaches have done it, so well-done Ali Temple in Scotland, Anna Stapleton from Italy, Monique Daigneault in the States, Maria Hocking in the UK, Ruby McGuire in the UK, Lorna Phillips in Jamaica, and our very own head of professional standards, Adele McCormack, also in the UK.

 The foreword is written by Team GB Silver Olympian Leon Taylor, TED Talk motivational speaker who is also an executive coach and about to become accredited.Leon Taylor

This is what industry leaders are saying about our book:

  • “Success in life requires that we develop skills and acquire wisdom – both of which are contained in quantity in this book. The added benefit of having several contributing authors is it provides you the reader – variety, unique perspectives and strategies that you can implement immediately”. Dr. Ken Keis, CEO & President of Consulting Resource Group International Inc.
  • “It’s not often that a business book covers so many aspects of being successful. Now you have in your hands a complete guidebook of practical and instantly useable ideas to assist you in navigating the challenging solopreneur journey. What a perfect gift for anyone running (or considering running) their own business”. Peter Thomson, “The UK’s Most Prolific Information Product Creator”
  • “A fantastic set of tools and lessons for building a successful coaching business, from people that have actually done it”. Alex Braganza, Founder & CEO, Expertise.TV 
  • “This is a wonderful book and a truly valuable resource for coaches in all walks of the profession. It is a collaborative work and, therefore, includes many areas of expertise including – how to win clients and keep them, spiritual identity, mindset from a professional acrobat, self-sabotage, heart-led marketing, business models and so much more. It has been beautifully written from a place of contribution. Whether you are a qualified coach or just thinking about starting out this is a must-read”. Tracey Carr, Founder & CEO of GoalShaper and Coach Development Community
  • This book is a must-read for your students past and present to help them achieve their business goals, please share this press release with them so they too can benefit from this user-friendly, practical handbook, an accompanying workbook will also be made available in PDF format for the exercises
  • “This book is thought-provoking, and I wish I had read it 12 months ago when I was in the early stages of being a solopreneur, it could have saved me so much time and energy. It was so refreshing to get everyone’s insightful perspectives. The exercises and questions were a really good practical challenge. Success leaves clues, so to read how these authors achieved theirs, and what they had learnt along the way makes this invaluable reading. I was still able to benefit by taking immediate action after reading this”! Polly Jukes, Mind & Body Coach
  • “Everything you could ever want to know as a solopreneur is in this gem of a book! Inspiring, motivational chapters with easy to implement strategies from people who have been there and done it! Be willing to put in the work after reading this book and your business will flourish too! Mine has!! Jayne Marsden, Coach

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