When purchasing insurance, you probably have three key questions:

  1. Why is it needed?
  2. Who to buy from?
  3. What will it cost?

So let’s answer these for you now.

First, why do you need insurance?

When you provide a service of any kind, even if you do so free of charge, with just family and friends, regard it as a hobby, or make only a small income from it, you need to have insurance to protect you against the possibility that someone will make a claim against you either because you did something wrong, or perhaps didn’t do something that you should have.

With the best will in the world, even the most honest and professional person can make a mistake – or worse, receive a false allegation that they have.

When this happens the consequences can be drastic: not only can it be very stressful and time-consuming, but legal costs can escalate fast and if the claim is successful, the compensation to be paid can cripple your business. And of course, if you’re a sole trader your business is you, in which case it will be your personal money or assets that will be at risk.

Having our combined professional indemnity, public liability and medical malpractice insurance provide you with total peace of mind – knowing that in the event of a claim, someone else will take up your battle. If it’s found that you (or one of your employees) did do something wrong, we will cover the legal and compensation costs – meaning you and your business are safe.

Consider this Case Study

One of our coaching clients carried out a perfectly successful coaching session with one of their customers who had come to their home office.  On the way out, that customer tripped over a garden step, badly injuring themselves in the fall.  A claim was successful, and the insurers paid out substantial compensation.

So perhaps the real question to ask yourself is why wouldn’t you want to be insured considering the time-consuming work, hassle, stress and legal costs involved in defending a claim?

Being insured offers you PEACE OF MIND, knowing that the risk lies where it should – with the professionals who have the knowledge, skills and resources to protect you.

Who can offer you this level of peace of mind?

Westminster Insurance has been trading since 2004.  It was the first company in the UK to offer Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance and is underwritten by a Lloyds of London insurer.  We are what is called a ‘Lloyds of London Coverholder’ meaning we have been authorised to issue insurance on behalf of the insurer.  This level of authority is not issued lightly, so you know when you are dealing with us, you are in safe hands because we are experts in this field.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive, quality product, supported by a truly great level of personal service – no automated phones lines, no long waits – just a human being waiting to take your call, that’s why our customers love dealing with us.  Of course, we’re online, and yes you will receive a quote and be able to purchase your insurance cover 24/7 without ever having to speak to us, but if you also value the personal touch, we’d love to meet you.

So whether you live in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, and do or don’t work overseas, our insurance will cover you.

What peace of mind cost?

To cost your individual requirements, get an immediate, on-screen, no-obligation quote which you can save to review later, or continue with through to purchase, simply click on the link provided.


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