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I have abounding life and professional experience and transformation has been my passion and my fellow traveler since my early childhood. More than 30 years of my life have been very turbulent, full of expected and unexpected changes. I have learned to adapt and to love them. I am a Transformation Designer helping companies, managers and individuals to create the best change in their businesses or personal life. Together with the coaching services that I offer, I also create tools for kids and adults to facilitate the desired change every day.

2017 - Present: Transformation Designer @Transformika Coaching
2017 - Present: Founder & Author of Transformika Coaching Cards
2016 - Present: Founder & Operation at PlayCraft – content solution for skills training for kids
2015 - Present: Talks Manager for the Sofia Coaching Support Group
2013 - Present: Life & Executive Coach, APC (IIC&M), DipNMC
2015 - 2017: Managing Partner & Senior Facilitator at Innovation Starter - innovation consultancy, Bulgaria
2011 - 2014: Member of the management board & Operation Director of Investor.BG PLC Media Group, Bulgaria
2007 - 2011: Country Manager at Digitalus Web Solutions – Web & Hosting, Bulgaria-The Netherlands
2006 - 2007: New Business Development at The Mags – Web Studio for Digital Innovations, Bulgaria
2000 - 2004: Marketing Expert at Geo-Resources Mining, the Netherlands

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Bulgarian & Dutch

Qualifications & Experience

Education & qualifications
2018 – Certificate "Accredited Practitioner Coach" (APC) by IIC&M
2016 – Certificate in “Entrepreneurship and startup launch” by Founder Institute, Palo Alto
2015 – Certificate in “Gamification – Motivating Solutions”, University of Pennsylvania
2015 – Certificate in “Innovation Methodologies” by Innovation Starter, Bulgaria
2014 – Diploma in “Life & Executive Coaching” by Noble Manhattan, UK
2014 – Certificate “Public Speaking” by SM Consulting, Bulgaria
2014 – Certificate in “Reading People Training” by John Cremer, Bulgaria
2009 – Certificate in “Effective Leadership” by New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria
2006 – Certificate in “Communication & Multimedia Design” by WdKAcademy, the Netherlands
2000 – Bachelor degree in International Marketing Management, Hanzehoogeschool Groningen, the Netherlands

Services I Provide
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Consultancy
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Personal Growth/Development
  • Work-Life Balance

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  • SME's

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  • Europe

Pro-Bono coaching / mentoring (depending upon circumstances)


Additional Information

One of the products I have developed is called Transformika Coaching Cards - a tool based on applied psychology and coaching methodologies. They are very easy to use and can be used on a variety of topics, problems, situations and issues.

Transformika Cards covers: Problem solving & conflict resolution|Work-life balance|Self-esteem & confidence|Goal setting|Time management|Stress, overload & fatigue|Dealing with procrastination|Establishing personal borders|Teamwork & delegation of tasks|Health & wellness|Career, finance & success at work|Communication & interpersonal skills.

The benefits of having Transformika Cards: A pocket size strategic training for well-being and success in life|Practical, timed and result-oriented|Empower finding out our own answers and solutions|Designed to encourage, support and help us commit, while making important life-changing choices|Help sustain positive change|Inspire creative and analytical thinking|Encourages idea generation in a safe environment|Stimulates meaningful conversations.

How to use the Transformika Cards: Individually, with a partner or with friends|In business teams & at team-buildings|By HR’s, leaders, psychologists, trainers, managers, teachers & coaches|At interests’ groups or at after-college classes|At schools or as a family game|With a coach, a mentor or a consultant|At home, at work, at a café or while traveling
As a follow-up on workshops and seminars|As an unforgettable present.

Read more on: http://www.transformika.org