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About Me

As a Master Life Coach, my main focus is based on reconstructing people's lives, either their personal or professional side. My reconstruction plan englobes all ages, considering that my studies includes the Person from all his aspects and age.

Being a Master Coach is not only about the title; it's about allowing the client to recognize what is needed and what does lack in his life (providing respecting his Agenda).
Being a Master Coach is a responsibility that I behold heartedly towards my clients needs relating to their own lives and personalities.
I currently run an Accredited Signature Programme by IAPC&M that is entitled: "Reconstruct your life with Anna" (online, face to face, private or collective, with a Certification from The IAPC&M and myself. This Programme might take up to 20 hours if needed for the person to own his life.
In summary, the results that you shall have will awaken the hidden tools that were preventing you to live well and happy as you deserve.

Languages I Speak
  • English
  • French
  • Arabic

Qualifications & Experience

My Coaching covers body, mind and soul of the person; depending on the the client's need.
I work on the three centers of the person, and help him reconnect to the center that he has been missing and was needed in his life, and to focus on the important center that serves him in his current journey.
My experience has been all along my life, since I have being studying the Philosophy of life and applying its benefits on people who asked me for help, until the year 2007 where I was officially rewarded the Diploma Certificate of a Practitioner Coach, followed by the many certifications of multiple Practitioner Professional Diplomas as you can check through my website.
My coaching hours has reached around 3000 hours officially and practically, (raging from age 3 till 80); as I have been called the "Counselor of Life" 3 decades ago; Having both experiences in life and specialization in science, makes all the difference.

Services I Provide
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • Career Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Personal Growth/Development
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Health & Wellness

I Work With
  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • Organisations

How I work
  • Face to Face
  • Telephone
  • SMS Text
  • Skype
  • Email

Countries Covered
  • International
  • EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)

Pro-Bono coaching / mentoring (depending upon circumstances)


Additional Information

It is my pleasure to help you dear client, going through the trip of life, floating light and yet surrounded with assertiveness and strengths.

My coaching does not stop on the end of my session that takes normally around one hour, it also includes follow ups over emails, skype, or phone calls, to surround your Agenda with all the support you might need, whenever in doubts or having second thoughts on any matter.

Sessions are mostly beneficial after the accomplishment of 12 of them in general. However, one single consultation might do the job in some cases.

All the different certifications that I have earned, are only there to help you Own, Solve and Get Over uncertainties and insecurities that you might be having. I use the relative knowledge that they behold, only when and if needed, all in the service of helping you, dear client to Master you life and your world by a Master Coach of Life.

N.B. Kindly payments take place through western union or cash.