Valentini Konstantinidou, PhD

Health, Food and Nutrigenetic Coaching in English, Greek and Spanish

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  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I own a PhD in Biomedicine and I have been an active researcher in the field of Nutritional Genomics for more than a decade. Being an accredited practitioner Life Coach has helped me deliver scientific knowledge in the field of nutrition, food, wellbeing, and prevention more effectively. I offer coaching sessions in English, Spanish and Greek online or offline.

I am now focusing on helping people reach their wellness goals and improve their quality of life. I am dedicated to translating the scientific, evidence-based nutritional genomics knowledge into precise, personalized lifestyle recommendations for health promotion and diet-related complex diseases prevention.

I keep and actively learning new tasks, skills, and subjects and I promote a healthy lifestyle in all my professional and personal activities. I consider continuous education a pre-requisite in all professional fields. By using my strong research and academic background in Nutritional Genomics and my multidisciplinary working experience, I work to bring scientific knowledge closer to society and help people add life in their years and not only years in their life.