Anna-Maria Abi-Chahine

Master Life Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

As a Master Life Coach, my main focus is based on reconstructing people's lives, either their personal or professional side. My reconstruction plan englobes all ages, considering that my studies includes the Person from all his aspects and age.

Being a Master Coach is not only about the title; it's about allowing the client to recognize what is needed and what does lack in his life (providing respecting his Agenda).
Being a Master Coach is a responsibility that I behold heartedly towards my clients needs relating to their own lives and personalities.
I currently run an Accredited Signature Programme by IAPC&M that is entitled: "Reconstruct your life with Anna" (online, face to face, private or collective, with a Certification from The IAPC&M and myself. This Programme might take up to 20 hours if needed for the person to own his life.
In summary, the results that you shall have will awaken the hidden tools that were preventing you to live well and happy as you deserve.

Ruth Adams

Professional Business and Life Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

You can find me Life Coaching, in person or remotely, and running fun creative coaching workshops in my log cabin in West Wales.

I am passionate about the voice, values and choices of young people and run creative coaching workshops across the UK supporting them to identify their future dreams and to take action to move towards these dreams.

Eleven years ago I left behind my career as an Occupational Therapist and instead put my energy into my family, home and becoming involved in community projects. I also rediscovered my passion for being creative, setting up and running my own creative business – a craft café, before moving on to coach and mentor other creative entrepreneurs.

The successes of my clients include….
Finding a new direction in life
Launching a new business idea
Discovering clarity and focus
Developing a more focused and brand driven business

"Such a lovely day! I feel fulfilled and empowered - ready for the challenges ahead"

“Ruth was skilful in helping me to find the solutions to some of my personal and business hurdles. It was an extremely valuable experience...”

"A wonderful & revealing insight that feels very liberating and constructive"

"...I ended the day with greater confidence and clarity about my direction in life..."

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Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me


Manar Al-Dina

Founder & Mindset Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Fellow Coach
About Me

A passionate catalyst for change, coaching is a passion, and a mission for me to build a better Jordan, a better region and ultimately a better world, one client at a time, not in fighting the old ways, but in building new ones. Coaching is a journey which I embark upon excitedly with my clients, each carrying a different story, a different outline, and wanting to reach a different goal every single time. The one thing in common though, is a hunger for more: more excitement, more learning, better quality of life, better way of thinking, a more serving mindset, it's like watching the pieces of a puzzle come perfectly together in front of you. It's an absolute pleasure to be accredited by the IAPCM, as it stems from my core belief to safeguard the coaching industry, and present to the world coaches, and a coaching experience that raises the bar and holds both us coaches and our coachees to a degree of accountability where change is the only constant. I'm a wife to a very supportive husband, a mother to two beautiful daughters, who coach me on sales every time they get their way with something I disagree with, I learn influencing and persuasion skills from them everyday!

In my downtime, I am a bookworm, enjoy doing sports (mainly running, swimming, and boxing), love to travel, and a passionate cook. I'm the youngest of 3 other siblings, live in Amman, Jordan, part of the Middle East known for its hospitality, warmth, and perseverance.

Thank you for stopping by my profile! 🙂

Tessa Armstrong

Career and Performance Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Senior Coach
About Me

“The big news is that as of yesterday I have formally accepted a job offer! I am so delighted and wanted to thank you again for your guidance and support throughout my career change. It has been invaluable and it’s all coming together. I felt really confident going into the interview knowing what I wanted and what I was good at. I regularly think back to our sessions and look at the materials we collated together.” Heather, 10.05.21

***Tessa was awarded ‘Best Career Coaching Services' in 2023, 2022, 2021.***

Tessa specialises in helping individuals to achieve the best career path for them, enabling them to progress into fulfilling careers. She covers all aspects of career coaching (including self-awareness/confidence, career change, job search, returning to work, career break, performance and career path progression). She is author of ‘The Tea Model: Slowing down in a fast-paced world to find the career you love’.

Tessa has created a series of successful career coaching programmes which have developed through her experience in enabling individuals to overcome challenges they face in their career and feel confident about their career choices. These programmes are carefully structured to enable each individual to make valuable discoveries and pursue fulfilling and rewarding career paths.

Her positive focus, dedication and passion ensure that her clients get the maximum benefit from career coaching straightaway.

Carly Auletta

Mindset Coach & Mindfulness Teacher

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Hi, I'm Carly. I am a qualified Mindset Coach, Mindfulness Teacher and Reiki Therapist. I have a previous background in HR/Recruitment, before pursuing my passion for self-development and wellness to start a business.

I coach clients and corporates on a 1-1 and group basis.

My coaching style uses a mix of transformational coaching techniques including NLP, as well as holistic practices such as EFT, energy healing and mindfulness.

I help clients to go on a journey of self-discovery to find deeper meaning/purpose within themselves, but to also achieve goals whether that's confidence/self-esteem, career, relationships, starting their own business, health & fitness and reaching an income goal/money mindset (or all of the above).

I conduct 1-1 and group workshops and programmes for corporate clients focused on mindset coaching mid-level/leadership, mindfulness & wellbeing, communication, resilience, stress management, elevating performance, influencing stakeholders, dealing with conflict and Reiki.

All of my services can be offered remotely and face-to-face (depending on location).

When I'm not coaching or teaching - you can find me you'll usually find me booking my next beach holiday, sweating it out at a spin or hot yoga class, socialising with friends and family or embarking on a long dog walk.

Iana Avramova

Transformation Designer

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I have abounding life and professional experience and transformation has been my passion and my fellow traveler since my early childhood. More than 30 years of my life have been very turbulent, full of expected and unexpected changes. I have learned to adapt and to love them. I am a Transformation Designer helping companies, managers and individuals to create the best change in their businesses or personal life. Together with the coaching services that I offer, I also create tools for kids and adults to facilitate the desired change every day.

2017 - Present: Transformation Designer @Transformika Coaching
2017 - Present: Founder & Author of Transformika Coaching Cards
2016 - Present: Founder & Operation at PlayCraft – content solution for skills training for kids
2015 - Present: Talks Manager for the Sofia Coaching Support Group
2013 - Present: Life & Executive Coach, APC (IIC&M), DipNMC
2015 - 2017: Managing Partner & Senior Facilitator at Innovation Starter - innovation consultancy, Bulgaria
2011 - 2014: Member of the management board & Operation Director of Investor.BG PLC Media Group, Bulgaria
2007 - 2011: Country Manager at Digitalus Web Solutions – Web & Hosting, Bulgaria-The Netherlands
2006 - 2007: New Business Development at The Mags – Web Studio for Digital Innovations, Bulgaria
2000 - 2004: Marketing Expert at Geo-Resources Mining, the Netherlands

Nicole Balmer

Mindset, Manifest & Life Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Hi gorgeous, I'm Nicole, a Southern English girl working with women all over the world.
When people ask what I do, I tend to tell them I support women in radically transforming their confidence, relationships, and financial abundance, but really that’s only scratching the surface.

Six years ago, my life was something far from admirable with toxic relationships, low self-worth, and an empty bank account! It took time to heal and discover new shifts in myself, but from that, I discovered coaching, spirituality and the power of your mindset and confidence. I then knew it was my mission and purpose to inspire and support women to be whoever they truly want to be, and step into all their potential.

I coach my beautiful ladies to master their mindset, get back their self-love, manifest their dreams, and be proud and confident. We work through whatever is needed to heal and grow, but I also like to do things differently and add some sparkle to our coaching in order to rediscover and fully embrace their feminine radiance!

It is not out of reach to change your life and experience such amazing shifts, and if I can experience the transformation from my life, I know you can too!

Because, Wouldn't it be great to be reminded of all your power, ability, and beauty?

I believe in women empowerment, babes supporting babes and being cheerleaders for one another in life, and doing it the way that supports you!

Eleanor Barber

Accredited Coach and DISC Practitioner, Student and Graduate Career Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Whilst working in the Space Industry (yes, I was a rocket scientist!) and working with some of the best graduates and undergraduates in Europe, I realised that a lot of the young people that we hired were struggling with stress, anxiety, and burn-out. I started to coach them through their first year at work, and they all said the same thing - "I wish I'd understood that when I was at university!" I now work with students and young people around all aspects of university life.

My aim is for every student to graduate happy and healthy.

I work one to one with students around topics such as meeting assignment deadlines, coping with exam stress, loneliness, and preparing for work. I also run fantastic workshops around careers, and how to get along with housemates.

I am a big supporter of Women in STEM, and often speak at schools and colleges to promote the vast and ever-changing career opportunities in science and engineering. Every job I have had didn't exist when I was at school, and it is likely that the young people of today will have jobs that we can't even imagine. I help prepare students to take this journey into the unknown and enable them to thrive on this incredible journey.

Andrea Basilio LCH Dip.

Accredited Senior Life and Business Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Senior Coach
About Me

“Because he himself suffered when he was tested, he is able to help those who are being tested.”

I can relate to this, because there were plenty of testing times in my life and I was able to take 100% responsibility and empower myself when I was walking through rocky roads, when I was at crossroads and when I was about to end it all. I was able to reset my life and I am here to tell the story of a girl who wished upon a star and her dream came true. My experiences taught me the strength, the confidence, the leadership and creativity I have inside of me, I am a warrior and creator of my own infinite possibilities.

What I love about what I do is that I help my clients to create infinite possibilities for example I help them to erase their stress, anxieties so they have a clear space in their mind from which they will be able to create: their ideal clients, multiple streams of income, new projects, business strategies, prosperity. It is about how can they create a willing and prosperous mind-set?

I also facilitate a training course about how can we grow and expand our life to be prosperous. How can we become benevolent leaders and live on the creative edge. How can we erase stress, anxieties, our limiting belief, judgements, and expectations and create infinite possibilities. How Does it Get Any Better Than That? What else is possible?

I am a published author of a book: Erase to Create ‘I’ Just Want to Be Happy!

Dona Bayounguissa

Personal Development Intelligence Consultant

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

"As above, so below; so below as above." What happens in our societies impacts our individual lives, and our personal relationship with ourselves reflects in our behaviour in the external world. But when people change for the better, the world changes for the better too. It is all about supporting them in their personal development paths.

I am Dona Bayounguissa, the founder of Blue Spiral Motion, a personal development intelligence consultancy firm.
Personal development intelligence is a new branch of Intelligence that is people-driven and human potential-focused. It harnesses the power of information to bring you new insights concerning what may impact people’s behavior, how this can affect your business, our society, and the world, and how you could turn them into growth opportunities.

My offers focus on three areas:

- Training: I help Human Resources and Communication/ Marketing departments aspiring to build empowering and lasting relationships with people.

- Consultancy: I help SMEs, social impact, and purpose-driven businesses seeking to capitalize on the human potential and reconnect people's well-being with businesses opportunities.

- Monitoring (available end of 2022): I help businesses and public institutions willing to understand how people's personal development impact their businesses, the economy, and the society by performing industry and country monitoring, reporting, and providing a personal development index.

Martin Bennett

LIfe, Career and Business Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I provide Life Coaching, Career Coaching and Business Coaching to both individuals and businesses. I also offer an HR consultancy service to SMEs, which utilises my background in HR management.

My clients include small business owners and startups, mothers returning to the workplace, those seeking a complete change in career direction, and people at a crossroads with a big decision to make. In business, I coach managers and employees to improve performance and skills levels, and address issues around confidence and team dynamics.

My approach is holistic, and I examine all aspects of a client's life. I believe that anything is possible with the right support and guidance. Inspiration comes from those people who know what they want and set about achieving it, whilst staying true to themselves.

I adapt my coaching approach to client's needs, and I am flexible in how coaching is delivered. I work either by telephone, Skype or face to face, and I operate nationally and internationally.

My aim is to guide and motivate clients to clarify their goals, understand their strengths and weaknesses and overcome barriers to achieving the results that will realise their potential and increase fulfilment in their life.

Further details can be found on my website.

Kirsty Birch

Wellbeing|Performance Business coach & Motivational Speaker

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Straight talking Wellbeing|Performance Biz Coach APC|Speaker|Founder of Work it well|Mental Health first Aid Trainer|Shake up your Wellbeing & Mental Health at work approach|Get rid of the Stigma

Helping businesses to create a culture that supports mental wellbeing whilst equipping them with tools that will support and motivate their performance & productivity

Not the average Coach & speaker, the south Londoner with the cockney accent, full of positive energy, experienced adversity but has used it to fuel success, very different, very raw & very honest and direct for all the right intentions

So why do I do what I do?

I am passionate about it! I want to be able to make a difference and in order to do that I have to be the different

To make the biggest impact, you lead and show others, over 20 years as a leader in biz, I have the tools

Because it is important especially in today's world to support where is needed, communicate correctly, ask the right questions and then you can equip with the right tools

Develop and invest into personal and workplace development rather than trying to replace, you will get better results and develop an even stronger team whilst

✅ Reduced costs
✅ Higher productivity
✅ Boost in Motivation
✅ Challenges but incentivises
✅ Encourages communication
✅ Creates a happy working environment
✅ Reduced Absenteeism
✅ Accountability
✅ Drives Performance
✅ Increases ROI

Julie Brewster

Coach and Mentor, Consultant

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I've spent over 25 years in the 'people' business. I started out in HR and after a successful career in the Corporate world I decided to set up my own HR Consultancy providing HR support to small businesses. I have gradually transitioned to doing more coaching with individuals and groups.

I remember the feeling of exhaustion when I was on the work/family hamster wheel. I was juggling work, kids, family and home - always wondering which spinning plate would crash to the ground. Coaching helped me work out what was important, what I really wanted and clear way forward so I could enjoy and live life again. As a result I started my HR career, achieved my HR qualifications and later my Coaching qualifications.

I provide a holistic heart-centred approach to coaching - we look at all areas of your life through positive reflection, to bring harmony and focus enabling you to thrive. You are at the heart of each coaching session; each session is built around what you need at that time. I combine Coaching with Emotional Freedom Technique, when appropriate.

I mainly work on Zoom or Skype - which enables me to work with clients wherever they are. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

My favourite song is a bit cheesy - I am what I am by Gloria Gaynor, but it sums up my approach to life.
"Life's not worth a damn till you can shout out - I am what I am"

I now have the confidence to say "I am what I am" and that's what I want for all my clients.

Julie Brown

Visibility and PR expert

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Helping you to increase your visibility, step out as a thought leader and share your story so you can win more customers and make money doing what you love. I'll share with you insider secrets to securing more press coverage for your business in magazines, online and on TV/radio. Learn how to tell your story in a way that cuts through all the noise and makes editors swoon.

My name is Julie Brown and I'm a visibility and PR expert.
Through my one to one coaching, flagship online courses, membership and VIP days I will work with you to increase the visibility of your business by taking advantage of the publicity available to you, without busting the budget.
Each and every day we build the story of us, which gets more fascinating as time goes on. I can show you how to explore your entire life to tell a story that is engaging and speaks directly to the heart of your customers while also being irresistible to the press.
With 18 years of experience as an editor, publisher and PR advocate, I know that only the best stories make it onto the pages of magazines and online, and it's time to make sure yours is one of these.

My business coaching helps you uncover your purpose, define your vision and goals, sharpen your skills and enjoy the success you desire.

I'm here to help you:
Increase your visibility
Step out as a thought leader and find your voice
Show you how to share your story to win customers and make more money doing what you love

Jenny Butter

Career & Transition Coach, Life & Wellbeing Coach, Outplacement Coach, Gallup Strengths Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

I enable people to land right fit roles so they are happy at work and at home 🙂

As a career coach, I enable people to successfully change roles and careers, land a job after redundancy, become unstuck, increase confidence, improve life balance, and/or transition into a new geographical location. I coach those I work with to gain the tools, skills, and confidence needed to thrive at work and at home.

CLIENTS: Career, life, and employee coaching clients come from across the globe from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as numerous industries FAANG to charity, executives to junior staff, recent graduates to those approaching retirement.

EXPERT: An Accredited Master Coach with 2000+ coaching hours. Only 1% of coaches in the UK are accredited and of these only a handful are at master level.

SESSIONS: Each session is tailored. Some clients prefer to focus on just life or career coaching and others prefer to have a combination of both. Each person is unique and requires different input from me. It is very important, when choosing a coach, that you work with someone you feel happy with. Coaching is based on trust and honesty. I always spend time chatting with potential clients first, so we can get to know each other and get an idea of how we can work together. Contact me or book into my calendar for a free initial chat:

Gail Byrne

Transformational Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Welcome, I’m Gail,

I am a Life Coach and Spiritual Empowerment Coach who helps Women that are feeling stuck to connect to who they are, release what’s holding them back and step forward with renewed clarity, confidence, and energy.

Creating an environment that encourages positive reflection and is ultimately supportive, non- judgemental and confidential, each coaching session is specifically tailored to your unique situation and provides a safe environment to take time out from the busyness of everyday life, slow down and re- connect with who you are, where you are in your life right now and what has brought you to coaching.
With you at the heart of the coaching sessions at all times, I will help you to understand your current situation at a deeper level, creating the opportunity for enhanced awareness to help you to get from where you are now to where you want to be.
I bring powerful and effective skills, my full commitment, and intuitive understanding of others to each session, whilst supporting and guiding you along the way and holding you accountable for action to achieve faster change.

By utilising a range of tools, techniques, energy modalities and heart centred practices will help you explore how to look within and tap into your own inner state to feel happier and joyful. Being self-aware and self-accepting, will help you discover a new sense of freedom, take your inner power back, trust your instinct and make decisions with confidence, right for you.

Julia Caddick

Professional Presentation Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

Having worked for 24 years as a singing and performance coach, I now use my experience and skill set, to help clients develop their professional presentation skills.
Many of us these days have to give presentations or speak in public on occasions as part of our work. It may be that we need to pitch to clients, or share research with colleagues; present for a job interview, or give a keynote speech at a conference. This comes easily to some, but for many, it is an ordeal. I deal with all aspects of presentational performance to help my clients create an 'impact'. I coach vocal technique (pace, pitch, projection, effective use of pauses and inflection); physical performance markers (gesture, posture, putting an audience at ease); emotional/mental preparation, dealing with nerves, and vocal warm up. I shine a light on the tiny things we all do inadvertently that lessen our impact. Mine is not a 'one size fits all' approach. I work with and for the individual. Together we identify what is working, and what is not. I’ll structure our subsequent sessions to deal with each of these areas. I put together a bespoke package of training tailored specifically to your needs. Clarity is key. I aim to give each of my clients a clear appreciation of their presentation strengths, and training in the specific skills they need to improve their performance in areas they find more challenging.

Dawn Ann Campbell

Health & Fitness Lifestyle Coach & Mentor

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Fellow Coach
  • Accredited Master Mentor
About Me

Helping clients 'add years to their life by adding life to their years' through health & fitness and lifestyle coaching, so they too can 'live the life they love and love the life they live - even longer'!

As a Living Foods Practitioner, Natural Hygienist, Permaculturist, Nordic Walking Instructor, Author, Coach & Mentor, my clients choose the modalities that appeal to them. They also choose how they want to do this: 1-2-1; in playshops, at our lovely 16th century farmhouse in north west rural France, which affords guests a wonderful tailored pick 'n' mix style retreat with some great facilities (idyllic summer months only). Alternatively, during the winter months, we do this on the costa del sol beach under a balmy Spanish sun - ah so many choices, so much bliss!

What Clients say:
"BBC radio interviews, writing for national and local newspapers, presenting at Business Link events, conducting in-house company training, and facilitating workshops with 1-1 follow up sessions mean that hundreds of clients have benefited from Dawns practical, fun, result orientated coaching style". Erica, Business Link UK

Sofia Capria

Recovery Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I'm a Certified Professional Recovery Coach & Interventionist.
My job is to help individuals overcome a variety of behavioral and mental health issues, including addictive disorders. I use an action-oriented, strengths-based, and solution-focused approach tailored to each individual's unique needs to ensure optimal recovery.

I specialize in working with:
Adolescents (13-17)
Young adults (18-30)
Music Industry professional
English-speaking expats in Europe

Emma Carroll

Life Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I coach women looking to make positive changes in their lives. I help them gain clarity, tackle barriers that are holding them back and build a sustainable plan to successfully achieve their goals.

I have over 15 years’ experience in project and change management for Tier 1 Investment Banks. In 2020 I completed a diploma in Life Coaching and became accredited by IAPC&M in April 2020. My approach to life coaching draws on the practicalities and strategies of my experience in the corporate sector and the power of mindset for achieving results.

Personally, Life Coaching brought me self-clarity, renewed motivation, gratitude, and confidence. I am now dedicated to supporting and empowering women to achieve their personal success stories. I genuinely believe all women can accomplish remarkable things with the right support and a growth mindset.

What I can help with:
• Gain clarity around goals
• Regain control and accountability of their lives
• Create achievable action plans to obtain success
• Regain confidence and self-worth
• Achieve a positive/growth mindset
• Overcome fear of failure
• Identify and tackle barriers holding you back
• Set boundaries
• Manage Stress
• Work-life balance
• Return to work

Jenni Chadwick

Alignment Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I have over 20 years of experience in the Primary Education sector, where I worked my way to Deputy Headteacher. I had followed a path, an expected trajectory and found it did not bring me the satisfaction or sense of achievement I thought it would. I have always found joy in helping people which is why I pursued a teaching career, became a special needs coordinator to champion these children and a school leader so I could have a wider, whole school impact. Through these roles I have developed many skills, a lot of which I incorporate into my coaching style.

Periods of ill health, burnout, stress, and finally the pandemic (whilst leading a school) all led me to reassess, reconnect with my soul and make a decision that has changed my life. I am now a huge advocate for making life changes to improve out lives, to live in alignment with our true self and not drift along in a life-pattern that we’ve created for ourselves and feel trapped in.

By changing limiting self-beliefs, working with my inner critic and changing the script and aligning with my values I am now on the biggest adventure of my life so far and I am loving it. The biggest lesson I have learnt through this whole process is that if you want something you can get it. If you feel you’re not living the life you want you can make changes. You have the power to transform. It really is possible and I would love to help you on that path.

Derval Chambers Petit

Life & Career Coach and Trainer

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Senior Coach
About Me

I am an accredited Life & Career Coach and certified Trainer, with a combined experience of 18 years in Human Resources, Coaching and Training working with over 25 different nationalities. During this time, I lived and worked in Paris, France for 7 years (2009-2016) where I set up my business as a Coach and Trainer. In 2016 I relocated back to Ireland where I continue to offer my services in the corporate and private coaching and training field.

Rallie Christova

Life Purpose Coach

Accredited Status
  • Accredited Master Coach
About Me

My name is Rallie Christova. I am an accredited Master Coach with 8 years of experience and over 2000 coaching hours. The last years I am living my dreams.

My purpose is to inspire others to live their dream; so my BIG goal is to help everyone who also wants to expand their horizons and achieve success through realising their true potential. I believe one of the keys to making a positive contribution to society is to concentrate on becoming an effective and happy citizen.

My experience in high management is motivating me to work in companies and help leaders develop their heart-based management style, build a corporate-coaching culture in their organization and make important decisions. Small and medium businesses base their success on strong Mission, Vision, Goals and Plan and thus flourish and grow.

When I dropped my corporate career in ship management, I livе a truly fulfilled life based on joy. Due to the fact that I made a major transformation in my life and know how hard it might be if you don’t have the support you need I am running a program for personal development called “In Search Of A Purpose”.

I have a passion in writing. My words have proven to inspire people to action and change. Therefore, my specialty is CHANGE.

I love what I do and put my heart in the projects that I am engaged in. My mission is to inspire people find their passion and live their dreams!

Alexandra CODLEANU


Accredited Status
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

THE CO-CREATIVE COACHING I practice is a participative, pragmatic process. The Client, accompanied by the coach, designs plans, co-creates and translates into practice concrete actions that generate significant changes in own life.
I consider that any person treasures the resources – potential, abilities, knowledge – to achieve the planned objectives. It is only necessary to use them differently to get the desired change.
I approach coaching from multiple perspectives, using supervised and certified techniques and methods: co-active coaching, solution focus coaching, systemic coaching, transactional analysis elements, NLP techniques.
MY CREDO is to use various coaching techniques thus the client get the desired outcomes, not to adjust the client, objectives to one academic approach.
Personal development is visible in co-creative coaching framework as it is grounded ON THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLES:
COACH – CLIENT RELATIONSHIP IS A WORKING ALLIANCE of collaboration where the client and coach empowers in a reciprocal way.
RESPONSIBILITY IS SHARED – the client and the coach assumes the responsibility for the contracted objectives and for the ecology of the process.
CHANGE OCCURS HERE AND NOW – the Client obtains the Autonomy to make conscious choices through development of the capacity to adequately assess the present reality, the capacity to choose freely out behaviours, attitudes and the capacity to interact in an authentic way by expressing openly own feelings.