Anne Marie Hennessy

Intergrated Cognitive Behavioural Life Coach

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  • Accredited Practitioner Coach
About Me

I am an Accredited and qualified Integrative Cognitive Behavioural Life Coach based in London.

I work part-time as an associate lecturer at Chichester University where I teach Creative Mind Body practices for the Movement for Acting module, on the Film for Acting course.

In London, I facilitate workshops in wellbeing and personal development. Some of my many clients include Central Saint Martin’s and the University of the Arts London.

As a Mind Body specialist I also teach yoga, meditation and Pilates part-time, as well as facilitating yoga-coaching retreats in the UK and Europe.

Unlocking one’s full potential and becoming the best version of yourself through the mind and body is my passion. It is a philosophy that I live by now. One that has allowed me to live with passion, integrity, adventure, wellbeing, enjoyment and growth.

Over time I have moved closer towards my full potential as a result and becoming empowered. I want to help others to live an empowered life aswell.