An innovative Training Program to Empower Women to Radiate Illumined Leadership into your Organizations, Communities & Families & out to Every Edge of the Earth!

Join us for these four FREE episodes, a Gift to introduce you to this powerful new program!

Episode #1: “Grabbing the Torch to Take the LEAD and Shine!”
♥ Discover challenges faced by most women;
♥ Identify your own challenges;
♥ Be inspired to break free of them!
Episode #2: “How to Be Happy (and Peaceful)”
♥ Identify fears and kick them out. Who needs them anyway!
♥ Learn how to use these tools to help yourself in the future and with family/friends;
♥ Learn typical roadblocks women face at home and at work;
♥ Identify your own roadblocks to personal and professional happiness;
♥ Find your Happiness Zone!

Episode #3: “How to Be FREE to be me”
♥ Replace your unconstructive beliefs with new positive ones for permanent positive change;
♥ Set your heart and mind free of unwanted thoughts;
♥ Celebrate a new beginning.

Episode #4: “My Personal Plan to Rise, Shine and L.E.A.D.”
♥ Learn how powerful and successful women master their mind, body and spirit;
♥ With an emblazoned heart, create a personal plan to Rise, Shine and L.E.A.D.;
♥ A Special Bonus Gift – Twenty Techniques to Personal Power!
Join us for these 4 FREE episodes, a Gift to introduce you to this powerful new program!

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Join us on Wed. 15th May & Wed. 22nd May 2019 @ 7.00 pm, UK time and meet Betska in person.  Reserve your place here

Betska K-Burr, The Guru Coach®
CLI Co-President

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L.E.A.D. for Women Program
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