Substantial success has been recorded by many coaches since digital marketing and e-commerce began to control the online world. However, we must not only recognize their teams and business ideas; proper homage should be paid to the tools or solutions that made their businesses stand out among equals. For this write-up courtesy of Mac Attram (IAPC&M accredited training provider Mindspace), we will focus on the top 10 project management apps every coach should benefit from. Read on to get more.


Business coaches who have been leveraging the Slack app have testified that it is one of the best ways of reducing your emails. Group communications can be easily managed through channels, and you can place video calls as well as upload and share draft docs.

Internal communication with both coaches, clients, and team members has gotten better with this powerful platform. The app is best described as a handy cloud-based business tool very apt for collaboration. With this shared workplace, communication becomes much more effective. The best part of the Slack app is that it keeps a record of every conversation: thus, making references to past conversations becomes easy.



Though it has always been very effective, the recent revamping of ActiveCollab with the latest 5.0 version has made the app even more powerful, as well as focused. It offers such features as task management, team collaboration, importing expenses, and time tracking. More importantly, the app comes equipped with invoicing features, which is one of its best assets that makes tracking expenses and payments easier. With modes of payment like PayPal and several others, invoices can be paid directly in the app.



Wrike offers amazing features that engender effective collaboration. It has multiple capabilities when the talk is about managing tasks; this underlines the reason why it is regarded as one among the top project management apps on offer. One good thing with the Wrike platform being that it is targeted at growing business and aids in the drive for a positive outcome by integrating projects and teams in a single platform.
To be more effective at setting up tasks, the Wrike app gives the opportunity of breaking down or divide their bigger goals into units that are more specific – you can have the likes of tasks, folders, and subtasks. What’s more, Wrike also offers an effective tracking and monitoring of the projects as they progress. Other features include live editing, file management, request forms, and automation.



This software aids all team members in managing projects and individual work. Entrepreneurs can leverage Asana for assigning tasks to team members and requesting for updates. The app supports a plethora of other superior productivity features that challenge Trello which includes Kankan board and Gantt charts. What’s more, it radically decreases your email traffic in the same way as Basecamp and Slack.



The combination of features in Basecamp is both powerful and focused and can aid with restructuring your company’s task or assignment of management activities. The app offers channels for real-time chat and instant messaging with individuals and groups as well as a remarkable quantity of file storage; others include to-do lists that are effective for scheduling work, sorting tasks related to work, sharing docs, and many more.

It also saves time through its automatic generation of reports based on the summary of your work and the uncomplicated pricing feature saves you from having to juggle between one payment plan and the other. With this software, your payment plan can be kept fuss-free at one standard rate despite the size of the team. With Basecamp, juggling between growing your workforce and saving expenses becomes unnecessary.