Substantial success has been recorded by many coaches since digital marketing and e-commerce began to control the online world. However, we must not only recognize their teams and business ideas; proper homage should be paid to the tools or solutions that made their businesses stand out among equals. For this write-up courtesy of Mac Attram (IAPC&M accredited training provider Mindspace), we will focus on the top 10 project management apps every coach should benefit from. Read on to get more.


No matter the project at hand, Freedcamp aids with organizing and effective planning. Be it a web project, event planning, or wedding preparations. With this app, you can view the overall project or event at a glance via its organized and structured dashboard. Setting up tasks is easy – here and sticky notes will come in handy; you will visually set your tasks up as well as have them incorporated into your calendar. For the benefit of high-level business, the app offers advanced add-ons for invoicing, CRM, Wiki pages set-ups, and issue tracking. What’s more, starting up is free; it is only the add-ons that attract charges.


Trello takes its roots from Kankan (another productivity system). Here, you will be able to picture your work and limit the same to a number of important tasks. Just add tasks or items to the app in the form of cards; towards the end of your day, drag all accomplished tasks from left to right on the Trello board. With this app, you can visualize your current task and the next in line.


This project management app has its users covered from the creation of tasks and administration to billing as well as invoicing. Task2Bill is viewed among the top task management tool, thanks to the plethora of options it has on offer.

Kanban boards can be leveraged on to adapt this software in your Agile work process and everything needs to be neatly placed on Kanban columns. You can also monitor all aspects of the business from clients to tasks, and finances via a centralized tool provided by Task2Bill. More attractive is the fact that there is an extra free 1GB storage space, especially where you have file sharing and doc management.



Everyone knows Skype as one of the pioneer management software in communication. With this solution, you will be able to place video calls, send messages, call phone numbers, share screen, as well as to conduct your gossip get-togethers or meetings. Its dashboard is also user-friendly; you simply need to download it, sign up, and then, begin adding your contacts.



This software is mainly for the purpose of organizing plans and programs for your team projects. The inclusion of a workable calendar for the schedules ensures that things are accomplished on time. What’s more, it is effective in facilitating collaboration, timing, personnel, schedules, and many more workplace matters.