Accreditation equals credibility. That’s why I had my flagship product “Thrive & Drive your Career” assessed and challenged to be eligible for accreditation.

The process was seamless and the feedback pointed to improvements. Accreditation resulted in my product serving my clients more impactfully, this fills me with pride and satisfaction.

The accreditation team was responsive and kind. I am happy to recommend members have their programme accredited too. In the jungle and noise of so many online programs, quality and ethical aspects need to be respected, and accreditation ensures that you are meeting high standards within your coaching and your services.

I am a fan of IAPC&M, an accreditation body with a heart. Thank you, dear team.

If you’re also interested in upscaling your business, apply to have your client-facing signature programme accredited and help it stand out in a noisy digital space. This benefit is only available to IAPC&M accredited members.

This is what your programme could look like:

Hulya - Client Facing Signature Programme