A hybrid SEE-19© Leadership model – a powerful and pioneering approach.

Rising leadership thought leaders, Kavita Satwalekar and Gail Gibson have embraced the power of what can be to enable leaders to see beyond, embody and implement winning leadership traits in their new book, The Rise of SEE-19© Leadership: See Beyond and Become the Leader You Are Born to Be, published by Swatt Books UK, in February 2021.

Successful, accredited, and certified executive coaches who work with leaders across the US, UK, and Asia, Satwalekar and Gibson fully embraced the gift of time, due to Covid-19, to write their book. Through their coaching work, during the pandemic, Satwalekar and Gibson noticed the shortfalls in leadership together with the shortfalls as they related to how countries were managing the pandemic. Inspired by their individual coaching experiences and the global impact, gave rise to the idea behind the book and ignited their purpose to share the concept with a worldwide audience.

“Writing the book at a distance we are proud to say that every word of the book was co-written in person on Zoom. We made a commitment to one another, to co-write from the start. Zoom kept us connected and provided the focus we needed to dedicate time on a weekly basis to meet, discuss and write. We were both pleasantly surprised we achieved writing the book in less than six months,” commented Gibson.

In a nutshell, the book has been written for emerging and established leaders. It will help anyone who wants to take their leadership to the next level. From university students looking to embrace traits of strong leaders, to interns embarking on their journey into the work world, to seasoned leaders who want to embody SEE-19@ Leader traits to thrive through any crisis and beyond. The book is about creating mindful habits, shifting a leader’s mindset towards developing a strong growth mindset and embracing a holistic approach to leadership.

A key aspect of the book, that sets it apart from other leadership books, is the concept of gender-neutral leadership. Historically, within the workplace, there are clear distinctions between feminine and masculine leadership traits. Throughout the book, the authors have blended these traits in respect of gender diversity and inclusivity, to address the changing nature of people’s identity.

“Our book was written to educate leaders on how to embody and implement winning leadership traits, to elevate their personal leadership styles. Reading our book will ignite a leader’s mindset and enable conscious leadership. As rising thought-leaders our aim is to be recognized as global thought-leaders on our hybrid, gender-neutral model of leadership,” commented Satwalekar.

The Rise of SEE-19© Leadership: See Beyond and Become the Leader You Are Born to Be is available on Amazon, The Book Depository, Waterstones, and more online retailers.

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