If you are a practitioner wanting, dreaming, or struggling to add a book to your business strategy, you are in the right place.

Transform your coaching business with special insights from Kim A. Page, an inspiring leader who used her book to elevate her success in her new book The Right Kind of Loud: Finding Your Communication Voice. Hear how you can unlock new opportunities and reach the next level of success!

About Kim:

“I’m a proud entrepreneur, trainer, and webinar host.

My work is dedicated to helping you find your Right Kind of Loud, increasing your impact and influence. Getting the Right Kind of Loud means knowing how to adjust to the person you are trying to reach, fine-tuning to the situation, and the kind of influence you are looking for. To get there, we need to feel comfortable in our own skin, enabling us to connect with the people in the room, on the screen, in meetings and boardrooms, in interviews and sales pitches.”

Watch our interview with Kim A. Page here: