This unique series of IAPC&M capability-based CPD webinar discussions are for your benefit. This schedule of 11 calls (one per month during 2020) will provide you with a supportive tool to help you better prepare for your live assessment call, thus increasing your chance of success first time around.

Remember, your professional accreditation status is one of the key differentiators that clients look for, so don’t delay.

The third in the series (I mistakenly called it the fourth when introducing it) discusses the importance of ‘self in coaching’.  You can hear the recording here:

Feedback continues to say that the content of these discussions are awesome, Sindia said.

Update (28 May 2020): Following our call, we received a useful document from Tatiana Bachkirova at Research Archive and Digital Asset Repository, Oxford Brooks University called The Self of the Coach, a PDF you may find useful. To ask for a copy, please send an email to

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These CPD and business building webinars are a benefit to our accredited professional practitioners, and if you need a CPD log, please ask us for one HERE

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