Are you looking for underlying principles that can boost your coaching success? Tony and Nikki Vee from MasterCoach share with us the
five principles that underlie their Master Coach training and unique V Coaching Strategy.

1. The presenting problem is rarely the actual problem

Most ‘traditional’ coaching schools will teach you to ask ‘surface-level’ questions that probe the clients stated problems and leads them to come up with a solution or ‘action plan.’
The reason this rarely works is that the issue the client brings up is rarely ever the actual issue they need to fix!
Peoples egos will get in their way. They might be unwilling to face up to the impact of their problems and they’ll very often want to blame someone or something outside of themselves. This is just human nature and perfectly normal but, as coaches, we need to go deeper.

2. Seek to go deep

Told you so!
This is the key to our V coaching strategy. We don’t want to ask questions that either lead people towards solutions or disguise giving advice or make ‘helpful’ suggestions or ask questions that the clients can ask themselves. We want to gently ask questions that will elegantly lead them to new, appropriate decisions.

3. Pain is a teacher

As you can see, even if we don’t seek it out, we certainly aren’t afraid of taking the client to painful places. A ‘warm bath’ coach might want to simply give the client a pleasant experience with a couple of ‘lightbulb moments’ but a Master Coach takes the client to the place where miracles happen.
Pain can be a wonderful teacher. Don’t be afraid to utilise it.

4. It’s not always what, it’s also how

When people realise that the V coaching strategy is a method of asking simple but powerful questions they ask if we can just give them a cheat sheet of questions. We refuse because we know that it’s not the questions that are the most important… it’s how they’re delivered.
One of the differences between a normal coach and a MasterCoach is that we teach our students how to ask questions so they have a massive impact.

“There are no bad questions, only questions badly asked!”- Nicki Vee

5.Your life changes with each OFM

This is ultimately what it all leads to. An OFM. If you haven’t been to our trainings yet then I’ll leave you to work out what it means It starts with ‘oh’ and ends with ‘moment.’
Basically, the V Coaching Strategy leads someone to the point where they have a profound moment of insight. This is normally when talkative people fall silent and quiet people start talking a mile a minute. This is the moment when change happens!

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