Team coaching International (TCI) train coaches to become team coaches.  So, if you like me are wondering ‘what are the differences, and benefits of team coaching compared to any other coaching (other than the obvious ones such as earning more money by working with more clients), you can find out more here  Join us for another IAPC&M meet-up, this time with John Sandahl and Katrin Windsor of TCI who share:

  • Who is TCI
  • What is team coaching?
  • Benefits of becoming a Team Coach
  • How is it different from individual coaching?
  • What does a typical team coaching engagement look like?
  • How to shift from 1:1 Executive Coach to a Team Coach?

To find out more about John’s own journey into TCI, you can hear him chatting to David Monro-Jones, IAPC&M COO here

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