Enjoy a glimpse into the heartfelt approach to mentoring in this brief discussion between Suzanne and Dawn.

There are many round table discussions, and presentations on the IAPC&M blog about the differences between coaching, mentoring, and supervision.

None quite like the approach created by the Option Institute which celebrates 40 years of success by taking three of its many programmes through the IAPC&M accreditation process.

Additionally, they now offer their unique and comprehensive Option Process Mentor Certification training programme online, meaning even more members of the public and professionals worldwide can benefit.

To learn about the importance of self-mastery, please see:

     a. PowerDialogues: The Ultimate System for Lasting Personal Change

     b. We All Have Beliefs: Explore more with the Option Process® Dialogue

To learn more about the three programmes being IAPC&M accredited (listed in the order of how to take them as a series):

  1. Power Dialogues:  
  2. Advanced Power Dialogues:
  3. Mentor Certification:

Everyone listening to these calls who registers for any of the courses/programs on our website will benefit from a discount code (except for Mentor Certification)

3 steps to redeem your $100 discount coupon:
1. Go to the Option Institute website: https://option.org/
2. Click on the ‘Contact Us’ button (green tab to the right of every page)
3. Enter your name, email address, which programme you are interested in, and then “IAPC&M Discount’. One of the Option Institute Program Advisors will contact you directly and register you with your discount.

Suzanne invites IAPC&M members to learn how to be happier by experiencing proven mental health techniques during a 2-hour Introduction to the Option Process Dialogue training on Valentine’s Day this year.  This unique event will be held on Tuesday, 14th February 2023 from 4:00 – 6:00 pm UK time. To register, please go here and register by Monday, 13th February at 5:00 pm UK time: https://option.org/product/introduction-to-the-option-process-dialogue/

The fee is $50 US.

This is a special, one-off LIVE training opportunity, no recording will be made available, so make sure to seize this opportunity and don’t miss out on the chance to make a positive difference to yourself and your clients.

During your 2-hour training, you will experience and learn:

  1. The Happiness GPS model.
  2. An introduction to The Option Process Dialogue questions to help uncover and identify core beliefs.
  3. How to raise your Happiness IQ.
  4. Participate in interactive, engaging activities to practice your new skills.
  5. Receive hands-on, direct guidance from a senior Option Process teacher.