Meet Your Support Team

“The most caring, sharing, practical hands-on resource available”

To benefit from being supported by our coach and mentor accreditation team, please apply HERE.

Since 1998 the IAPC&M has operated with a team of service driven volunteer coaches and mentors. The objective remains one of supporting coaches and mentors to serve their clients safely and professionally.

As an accredited member, you benefit from immediate access to one-to-one and group personal and professional support from our team.


David Monro-Jones, Operations Director

What Do I Do?

As an IAPC&M volunteer since 2007, I have boomeranged a few times; leaving and coming back.  My first role was Head of Operations, later I served as Head of Accreditation, all good preparation for my current role as Operations Director.  As such I am responsible for the functional operation of the organisation, specifically accreditation.  I have a passion for research, so am actively involved in building and maintaining relationships with strategic partners for the benefit of everyone.

Why Do I Volunteer?

For me, volunteering is an opportunity to give something without requiring something in return. One of my core values is making a difference, so helping people in any way that I can just seems right. It is also great fun, well, most of the time. There are always times when problems arise, but I am fortunate to have a great team who also share my passion for volunteering as well as coaching and mentoring, which makes things easier.

What Can I Do For Coaches & Mentors?

Whether you’re an individual or a corporation, I’m happy to arrange a chat for starters. If you want to understand more about us, accreditation, coaching, mentoring or anything of that nature, then I can help you. I can also help with other issues such as establishing coaching and mentoring cultures or the role of the consultant. I am also the go-to person if you want to partner with us. So let me know what you want or need and I will do my best to help, and if I can’t, I’ll probably know someone who can.

Dawn Campbell, Business Director

What Do I Do?

Like most IAPC&M volunteers, I’ve been around the block; I started as Editor of our then award-winning e-zine, later I became Head of Accreditation, and now I’m the Business Director.

My role is to support the rest of the organisation to achieve its aims & objectives, which includes looking after the needs of our growing membership of international professional practitioners, also to inform the public about the importance of doing their due diligence before hiring support.

Why Do I Volunteer?

All my life I’ve volunteered, there’s something special about being of service, like someone said, ‘you can’t have a perfect day unless you’ve done something for someone without expecting anything back in return’.

Another truism from the legendary funny Lucille Ball is ‘If you want something done ask a busy {women} person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do’. That’s me!

What Can I Do For Coaches & Mentors?

I help practitioners to get a positive return on their investment. One of the ways I achieve this is by helping them to raise their profile on social media. Contact me when you are ready to achieve the same results, and we’ll enjoy a tea/coffee, or in my case a smoothie sometime on zoom.


Nikki Wild

What Do I Do?

As an IAPC&M volunteer since 2015, I was invited to take over as Head of Education.

As a qualified accountant, accreditation and professional CPD have always been part of my world, so I am delighted to be involved with the IAPC&M working to build trust in the profession through accreditation.

As Head of Education, I assist the learning and development of our accredited coaches and mentors by sourcing expert speakers to interview.  Additionally, recording business skills-related training content as well as share industry best practices, all within our education resource area.

In direct response to the Education Survey 2017, I have put together a 12-month schedule of directly relevant learning and development subjects.

Why Do I Volunteer?

I volunteer with IAPC&M because, from the start, I felt strongly aligned with the vision for building trust and professionalism in coaching and mentoring services.  All my life I have been involved with committees and volunteering, which is driven by my strong sense of purpose that I am on this planet to serve others.

What Can I Do For Coaches & Mentors?

I mentor a local group of coaches which gives me insight into the everyday challenges being faced and questions being asked.  This experience ensures our educational content is kept relevant and current.

Once you have identified your CPD requirements, our education department will build your confidence by enhancing your personal and professional development, as well as helping you to grow your business skills.

Finally, please help us to help you:

  • If there is a specific subject you would like assistance with, let me know.  I may be able to incorporate it into the programme, or else direct you to something that’s already available.
  • If you have a particular business expertise and are interested in contributing to a session for the benefit of others, get in touch with your details, and background information to support your application.
  • When you come across an inspirational speaker who could add value to our education resource centre, make an introduction saying why you are recommending them as a contributor.


Paul Holton

What Do I Do?

I am the webmaster for our new website. I support the management team with developing and maintaining a modern, easy to use, functional web presence for the benefit of everyone. Our aims and objectives have always been to provide the automated tools professionals need to become accredited smoothly, and then develop their online presence so the public can easily identify them.

What Can I Do For You?

I am here to assist with anything technical; be it emails, online profiles, directory entries or any other issue you have with the website please let me know. There can be many reasons something techie breaks, so I am here to solve issues as they arise.

One Of My Favourite Quotes

I don’t like pondering on what has gone wrong, working in the tech industry we soon learn things can go wrong so quickly and for no apparent reason. So not sure who said it, but “turn it off and then back on again” is a classic! I have even tried it with my kids, but I love this “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain”. – Vivian Greene