Have you heard of the 1960s song, ‘Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’ by Brian Hyland?

Well, it relates to what we’re talking about today. Okay, it’s a bit of a stretch but you’ll soon get what I mean!

  1. Think Micro Instead of Macro

When you set goals for your business, sometimes you can get a bit carried away. One prime example of this is when I ask clients what they want to work on this week and they say ‘marketing’. This is great, after all, if you want to get visibility for your business you need to do marketing.

  1. Get Specific

But what does ‘marketing’ even mean in this instance? It’s way too big a thing for you to even know what you’re focused on. People get degrees in marketing and I’m guessing that doesn’t get done in a week!

  1. Is it marketing by writing a blog?
  2. Is it marketing by getting more active on social media?
  3. Is it marketing by doing a Facebook live or going out networking?
  4. Is it marketing by writing a book?

There are over 80,000 ways you can market, so you can see how just saying you’re setting ‘marketing’ as a goal, it is a great way to send yourself into a spiral of overwhelm.

Use the ‘Bikini Approach’ to help you (and your clients) break your goals down into teeny tiny steps – micro goals.

Maybe writing a blog feels a bit overwhelming to you, so a teeny tiny micro goal might be to write the first paragraph.

Perhaps ‘getting active on social media’ makes you get your knickers in a twist. What about a teeny tiny micro goal of writing one post for social media?

  1. Define Your Baby Steps

You may be getting palpitations at the thought of doing a Facebook Live. Maybe you’ve never done one, maybe you’re worried you’re going to mess it up, or you may be a technophobe. What would a teeny tiny action goal be for you on this one? It might be to watch a video on YouTube from a video expert or to write 3 bullet points for what you might want to share.

The ‘Bikini Approach’ will allow you to move from stuck to unstuck, you’ll feel like you’re making lots of progress as you tick off those teeny tiny micro goals.

Action: Go through your current business goals and run them through the Bikini Method filter. What micro steps can you put in place? Get really specific on your teeny tiny micro goals and then go out there and make them happen.

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