Several thousand practitioners registered, shared, liked and watched us on zoom and FB live, and if you missed out, don’t worry, we’ve recorded these calls for you.  If you need a CPD log, just send an email to

The aim of ICW 2020 was to create something special for you since many of you are experiencing feelings of isolation during this period of lockdown, so it was important to create an event that was stimulating for you, one where you could connect, ask questions, and be heard.

The webinar topics have you – the coach in the middle; surrounded by relevant topics that solopreneurs typically tend to struggle with most (in no particular order):

We met Jerri, the founder of ICW and Nikki, IAPC&M Head of Education who discussed how Covid-19 will impact how we conduct coaching hereon in (CLICK HERE)

We learnt from IAPC&M coaches Glen, Bea & Rebecca how Coachvantage software enhanced their business and work-life balance (CLICK HERE)

Author Wendy Fry reiterated the importance of finding your authors voice since being published creates the perception of being an expert in your field (CLICK HERE)

Award-winning Katrin explained why branding is vital for clients to be able to identify you (CLICK HERE)

Expert virtual team coach Jennifer helped us go deeper into effective virtual conversations for managing virtual teams and for conducting team coaching – another growth area (CLICK HERE)

We heard from Adam, The Heart Guy, who uses  humour and storytelling to create engaging yet relaxed presentations (CLICK HERE)

Marion shared secrets from her laser-focused coaching book which I recommend to everyone (CLICK HERE)

Marcelle, a nutritional therapist & coach, gave us  some practical health strategies for enhancing our energy and mental wellbeing (CLICK HERE)

Jonny explained his proven FB marketing strategy for identifying clients who could afford to pay for our services otherwise we stay broke (CLICK HERE)

Shadi shared his professional sales journey and tips for better customer relationship management (CLICK HERE)

Virtual conversations expert Jennifer gave us a valuable insight into how best to use media software to engage more effectively with our clients (CLICK HERE)

Wendy Buckingham shared her unique take on goal setting and remember, her book has a bonus chapter with templates we can use for the benefit of our clients (CLICK HERE)

Rachela shared insightful techniques for adapting our coaching skills so we can better engage with teens, another growth area (CLICK HERE)

Fahad explained how to be heard and seen and add value in an increasingly noisy digital world (CLICK HERE)

Iulia demonstrated the powerful impact photography has on a coachee in helping them to access their feelings even if they thought they weren’t visual (CLICK HERE)

Jenny talked us through the mental health benefits of adding the practice of mindfulness to our daily habits (CLICK HERE)

Betska, aka the guru coach, shared one of her award-winning techniques for finding the spirit in coaching which moves the client from trapped to beyond (CLICK HERE)

Kat delivered a master class in writing engaging content to help build that all-important trust with prospective clients (CLICK HERE)

In summary, we enjoyed a lot of content-rich information; we shared feedback and all benefited from an abundance of guidance and inspiration with every story shared.  We now know 18 international expert speakers & authors that we can mirror and continue to learn from.  Finally, we’ve shared and networked with like-minded professionals around the world, meaning you are now part of the IAPC&M world-wide caring community.