As well as diversifying to thrive in these challenging times, now more than ever we need to work SMARTER not harder!  That means stop trading time for money.  Instead, create high perceived value products & services that clients can buy from you 24/7 which you’ll create and deliver at a low cost / risk to you such as a book or a digital programme (you only produce it once but can sell it hundreds of thousands of times).

Why is this important?  Because it’s only when you create and leverage your intellectual property (IP) rights are you going to make real money, and perhaps more importantly to some people, positively touch more lives that is possible when you trade time for money.  IP includes intangible assets such as artistic graphics, phrases, models and more.

So invest in yourself now, grab your CPD log, and watch these two value added recordings with the UK No1 on-line content provider Peter Thomson that we recorded last year.

Peter shares his wisdom and expertise not once but twice with the IAPC&M community.  You will learn why content is king and you will learn how to create your own signature content.  This includes becoming published, creating and delivering an on-line course and more.  These products are an essential part of your business foundation, so are an important part of your business strategy, and ultimately are the secret to your success.

Watch videos here:

Also, here is the link for you to benefit from Peter’s Achievers Club for only £5 or $7 for 30 days!

If anyone wants a copy of the documents Peter mentions in his recordings such as the Deluxe template, avatar sample or template, please contact