Introducing our special guest speaker, Nikki Wild (ACMA, CGMA, AFC, AMM), Managing Director of Wild Empowerment and IAPC&M Head of Education, who will share about Safeguarding Considerations for Coaches and Mentors.

This webinar is for Coaches and Mentors who might be unaware of Safeguarding concepts and who want to consider safeguarding implications for themselves and their clients in their Coaching and Mentoring work.

During this interactive webinar, you will be introduced to

1. What do we mean by Safeguarding?
2. What might you want to consider from a Safeguarding perspective for you as the coach/mentor?
3. What might you want to consider with respect to Safeguarding and clients?

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Head of Education at IAPC&M, responsible for the “Business of Coaching and Mentoring” member content, Nikki has been a professional coach since 2009.  Specialising in de-stressing directors and owner-managed service providing SMEs, Nikki brings a fresh perspective to client sessions and restores order to chaos.

Nikki founded Wild Empowerment Ltd in 2009 and works with professional service providers to better manage their businesses, their time and themselves.

Clients have great ideas but need clarity and focus. Nikki has a flair for helping people stay positive, get organised and have workable plans for measurable results.

As an accountant and former finance director of a £2bn property portfolio, Nikki understands the commercial impact of business decisions. As a professionally Accredited Fellow Coach and Master Mentor, she ensures that the cultural aspects of business growth are given high priority. As a result, clients have said: “It makes sense. It has helped me become a better business person and I am implementing the things I should have done a long time ago!”


All CPD and business building webinars count towards your CPD log.

Please feel free to share this opportunity with anyone else you know will benefit from attending; it’s freely available to all practitioners, not just IAPC&M accredited practitioners.
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