Picture this: 35 days from now, you could be living your best life – feeling healthier, happier, and more vibrant than ever before. And guess what? That transformation is within your reach, right here, right now.

Join us with another expert guest for our International Coaching Week, IAPC&M Accredited Fellow Coach, Executive & Corporate Life Coach, Marcelino Gebrayel. He will be delivering an amazing masterclass called “Revitalize in 35: Ultimate Transformation”.

Marcelino is going to show you how. He will be sharing all his insider secrets on how to completely revitalize your body, mind, and soul in just 35 days. This is about a total lifestyle overhaul – from the way you think to the way you move to the way you fuel your body.

Look out for Marcelino’s Masterclass on day two of International Coaching Week, Tuesday – 14th May at 10:30am.

You will discover how small, sustainable changes can lead to big transformations in your overall well-being and business!

Specifically, Marcelino will delve into the following points:

The Power of Mindset Mastery

Learn how to harness the incredible power of your mindset to overcome limiting beliefs, cultivate a positive outlook, and unleash your full potential. Discover practical techniques for rewiring your thinking patterns and reframing challenges as opportunities for growth.

Strategies for Sustainable Wellness

Gain insights into holistic approaches to wellness that go beyond quick fixes and fad diets. Explore the importance of balanced nutrition, effective exercise routines, and stress management techniques for long-term health and vitality. Discover how small, sustainable changes can lead to big transformations in your overall well-being.

Creating Lasting Change

Dive deep into the science of habit formation and behavior change, and learn how to implement strategies that stick. From setting SMART goals to building accountability systems, discover the key components of creating lasting change in your life. Walk away with a personalized action plan for achieving your wellness goals and maintaining your progress over time. By focusing on these three learning points, attendees will gain valuable insights and practical tools to empower them on their journey towards total transformation and well-being.

About the speaker:

Marcelino Gebrayel is a certified professional Rapid Transformational Therapist, Fellow Life Coach, Executive & Corporate Coach, Breath-work Coach and a Master NLP Trainer who is passionate about and strongly driven to share his experience and knowledge to help others reach their absolute potential.

Marcelino goes all in for his clients, committed and dedicated to providing them with all the skills and tools that are necessary for self-actualization and growth.

Always choosing a career that has a great positive impact on the lives of others, in addition to life coaching, Marcelino has many years of experience in the fitness industry and a renowned reputation as one of the best Master Fitness Trainers and Master Fitness Dance Instructors in the Middle East, leading him to his mission of teaching individuals the secret to self-fulfilment and well-being by integrating the mind, body and soul.

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