Earning a professional certification in your chosen field validates your investment in your training.  It adds a degree of credibility to your curriculum vitae, assuming who you trained with was accredited as a best-in-class training provider, and your accreditation assessment was done by a third independent party.

1. Training certifications and especially accreditation certification can increase your chance of being hired and or promoted. Additionally, these certificates can be instrumental in you securing an increased remuneration package as you are demonstrating your commitment to CPD.

2. If you are self-employed, or a solopreneur, then accreditation is particularly beneficial for your business. It is a key differentiator clients are increasingly asking for.  So, accreditation can provide you with  a competitive advantage over non-accredited competitors.

3. Your credibility increases when you have had your training qualifications authenticated, your experienced verified and your capability to deliver assessed. It gives consumers confidence in your ability to deliver services being offered.

The key thing to remember when it comes to accreditation is that “Self Praise Is No Praise” as Francis Duggan wrote in the poem of the same name.  It is only others such as a 3rd or independent party that can give you credit if credit you are due.

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