Having a training academy, was more than just training, and certifying future coaches and leaders; for me, it was about serving people, leading people to lead themselves as they deeply hold space for their clients, with powerful techniques that shift the unconscious without relapse or reliving anything traumatic from the past.

I’m already registered as a training provider, but I felt as if something was still missing.  The coaching industry is changing dramatically with more and more humans realising that accredited boards are vital for the growth of powerful training facilities like mine.

I discovered through a website a company that I have never heard of before – IAPC&M.  Instantly, the energy from the website called my soul to make an enquiry.

The simple response from Dawn had me, so it was a ‘Hell YES!’ I want this board for my business.  I could feel her energy from her words, and without it sounding corporate, or automated, I felt her heart too.

Heart-led training is a big catalyst for me, because I love to give, serve and provide the best.  Dawn got me immediately.

I was extremely happy, in fact to tears, that this wonderful company had agreed to support me in my training facility and to support the growth of my business and my students.  The value, the content, OMG EVERYTHING, is something that I have never experienced or been through before, and by golly I am excited like a giddy schoolgirl, because finally, I feel seen, FINALLY I feel heard, FINALLY I feel supported as if I have a team.

My heart is so full for the future of the students I will teach because I now have the backing of a groundbreaking accreditation board that I will now be working with forevermore.

THANK YOU Dawn and David.  This is truly the beginning of a wonderful relationship, and I am so delighted to walk with you on this incredible journey, we call – SUCCESS FOR OTHERS WITH INTEGRITY.

With gratitude,

Sam Evans
Awaiting personal and course accreditation