We believe accreditation is a “must” for all practitioner coaches and coach training providers who are committed to delivering exceptional care to their clients. The importance of accreditation stands out more and more, as there is more diversity than ever, which makes it so challenging nowadays for clients to choose, as well as for coaches and training providers to correctly position their own work, so that all interested parties in the global coaching world have their needs beautifully attended to.

As ASC, business owner and coach-training program director, I’ve been impressed by the added-value the accreditation team brought to both my individual practice and my coach training program. The accreditation process is thorough, detailed and comprehensive. It doesn’t only check the conformity against a checklist, it also motivates the applicant to access new resources and to bring out the best possible results from participating to an accreditation process!

The attitude of the accreditation team honors the coaching profession they work so diligently to build trust in. You get support before applying, during the application, and after.
You also a clear picture of what is mandatory and what is nice to have.
For the nice to have part, you get references, perspectives and truly insightful personalized feedback into your content, concept, approach!

The people in IAPC&M are wise, authentically involved in coaching and their actions show it every time!