Known as the Can Do coach, executive performance & leadership coach, Gail Gibson, enables leaders to step up, shake it off and shine.

In 2018 Gail launched her podcast, The Can Do Way and invites guests from across the globe to share their Can Do stories of growth, resilience and success.

Over the past 2 years, Gail’s podcast has gifted her and her listeners access to an incredible selection of guests, with stories to refresh your perspective, bring you joy, and inspire Can Do positivity.

Always curious and with an insatiable appetite for a good yarn, Gail invites YOU to be a guest on her weekly show.

If you live and breathe a Can Do mindset, and you have an inspiring perspective, a life-changing experience, or an intriguing story to share, then please do get in touch with Gail at

Gail is currently choosing 12 remarkable podcast interviews to feature in her upcoming book, ‘The Can Do Way’. Imagine the additional PR & Marketing exposure you’ll enjoy globally from being featured in her published book!

Here’s is a taste of Gail’s recent interviews:

I look forward to hearing from you, and if not you, please share this opportunity with someone with a Can Do Attitude. 

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