A word from our host:

  • The workflow really helps with repurposing ideas.

  • Back to basics- ensuring my blogs actually address my client’s need.

  • I need to work on my value statement and my ideal audience a bit

  • Repurposing- other avenues to utilise the same content.

  • A lightbulb moment for me today was Kate’s question ‘Does it bring me joy?’ because I realised I love talking and really enjoy podcasts.  So I’m going to look for more podcast guesting opps

  • A visually transparent presentation of Digital Marketing Mix, inspiring

~ Nikki Wild, Head of Business of Coaching, United Kingdom

Relive the incredible insights and valuable discussions on “Marketing Focus: Plan and Succeed,” featuring our special guest Kate Clarke.

In this 45-minute masterclass, Kate delved into:

  1. The content platforms and formats that work for you and your audience; and
  2. How to create a content plan that keeps you focused for 12 months.


Kate Clarke is an independent ethical marketing and content strategist that works with purpose-driven coaching businesses with creating marketing strategies that work for their uniqueness.

Kate is a born problem solver and lives to help her clients get past the blockers that are stopping them from achieving their marketing goals so that they can have greater success in creating conversation and connections.

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