Some say…

  • “I see others charging 5 times what I get and they’re no better than me!”
  • “Why do prospects always seem to object when I mention my fees?”
  • “Where the hell do I find those people, who will truly value what I do?”
  • If this is how they’re talking, no wonder they’re feeling angry, frustrated and sad.

It need not be this way.  Here’s the answer…

  • The Magic Formula – how to position your fees/prices so you get paid the maximum for the value you deliver
  • Why 75% of your clients’ ‘Buying Decisions’ are based in one element of your marketing messages (sadly most people spend hardly any time on this). I’ll give you the 3-step system so you can create the most persuasive messages you ever wrote.
  • How you can be perceived as the logical and natural choice by your ideal client. Now, this changes the game…
  • The perfect ‘add-on’ to your offering that heightens your value to your clients and immediately boosts your bottom line profits
  • The 3 Signposts of Success – what might you score?

Every single one is a tried and tested method with 29 years proof they work ‘in the real world’. (not just in lecture-land).  So simple for you to implement, right now.

Most coaches and consultants are sacrificing at least $100,000 a year in potential profits simply because they don’t know these ideas.  You can gain the unfair advantage right now.  It’s easy. Come and join me on  

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