Part 2 of 2 will be on Wed. 22nd May @ 7 pm UK time

Join the energetic Betska K-Burr, The Guru Coach™, AMC, Canada, Leading Change with Logic and Heart, Coaching and Leadership Solutions to learn why spirituality in coaching is so vital on Wed. 15th May & Wed. 22nd May @ 7.00 pm, UK time. Reserve your place here

Learning objectives:
©      What does “Spirituality” really mean to our Executive and Life Coaching Clients?  (To CLI it means connecting to our Higher Power for solutions to challenges and goals for the deepest love we can give to ourselves.)
©      When we add Spirituality into our coaching toolkit, our clients experience permanent positive change. Discover how to do this.
©      Experience outstanding client results (ROI) when we merge Science and Spirit in the coaching process.
©      Learn tools to coach in this a-typical style to create miracles for your clients.

Specific subjects covered
Spirituality?  Is that allowed in our industry?  Does it work? In Betska’s opinion, it is the only thing that really works.  When science and spirit merge in the coaching industry, miracles happen.  In her latest book entitled The “God” in Coaching – The Key to a Happy Life, Betska shares with us what the future of coaching will look like. In this webinar, she will lead us in a discussion on a few key elements from the 450 page book such as coaching at the mind-body-soul level.  She will give us tools to help our Clients tap into their GodSelf for innovative solutions to their challenges.  Having developed 80+ full session coaching methodologies and 40 subconscious integration methods, Betska is a true leader in the field of spirituality in coaching.

Pre-requisite – if you can, watch these 15 minute TV Shows before the webinar as they will give you a better understanding of Spirituality in the Coaching business.

Supreme Master Television approached Betska to produce shows on her remarkable achievement of developing 80+ coaching methodologies for the subconscious mind.

The shows on her ground-breaking work have been viewed by millions of people around the world and broadcast into 14 languages. is a constructive and positive TV station.  Click on the links and enjoy!
Mind-Kinetics® Coaching – Positive Thinking Tools, Part 1 of 2

Mind-Kinetics® Coaching – Positive Thinking Tools, Part 2 of 2

A brief bio of the speaker (for the invite and introduction)
·  Accredited Master Coach (IAPC&M). 6,000+ Client coaching hours since 1995.
·  International Executive and Life Coach and confidante to individuals and groups in 50+ countries: CXO’s, Senior Government officials, Ambassadors, Royalty, TV Stars, TV News Anchors, Star Athletes, Moms & Dads, Teens, Professionals, Addicted persons, Homeless …
·  Betska is Co-President at Coaching and Leadership International Inc. Having developed 80+ award-winning coaching methodologies which enrich a Client’s competencies and bring peace into their life, she leads the Instructor Team at the CLI school where Coaches and Leaders learn a profound coaching skillset for permanent positive change at the heart and cellular level.
·  Betska is an industry pioneer in the development of scientific Whole Brain Mind Coaching methods which generate high level ROI – up to 900% shift in a Client’s competencies.
·  Affectionately called The Guru Coach® by her students and clients, Betska is a Canadian best-selling author of many books including Creating Champions, Flying by the Seat of Your … Plans, Build a Boooooooming Business and The “God” in Coaching – The Key to a Happy Life.
   As former International Head of Accreditation for the IAPC&M, Betska led the team who assessed Coaches around the world on their coaching skills.